Monday, August 18, 2008

Long overdue Stashbusting report/fabric basket/corn

I kept track of my intake of fabric and usage since my last post, just haven't had time to post it. I debated a long time on what I should enter....if it comes in as a gift, does it count? If you have store credit because you did work for them, does that count? If the fabric is for a gift or something other than quilting, does that count? How do you count it? Final analysis? I bought fabric to make some skirts and little dresses for my granddaughters and have already made one, cut two out. I bought only what I needed (so NOT like me! LOL). So..I decided that fabric isn't going into stash, and therefore didn't count in my totals. Now...the bigger thing I had to decide was if I didn't lay out any cashola for the fabric, do I have to count it? I had a quilt store credit and some gift money from quilter friends (although they didn't tell me I had to use it on fabric, I felt I should--heehee). And is the Quilt Police going to grill me and fine me if I don't count it? LOL Really--the only thing in the end...did stash go into my closet because "I" brought it in? Yes..even though I didn't have to pay for it, I figured it still counts. My biggest dilemma this summer was that a favorite quilt store in Murrell's Inlet, SC (Quilter's Cottage--she doesn't have a website) had an AWESOME sale of NEW fabric--50% off!! The Simplicity Line among one. A few other NEW lines of fabric. Unheard of, let me tell you! My thought was that I had this credit and I better use it in case something happens, right? I was about to walk out of the store, using my very best will power and rhen I thought.... I had the credit, use it. So I did. I did buy stuff for the grandkids clothes (and therefore, not counted), but I did buy stuff for backgrounds and just cuz. So, my goal to not add to the stash fell a little short, but in the end, I'm okay with it. I didn't fall too far off the wagon. This is where I was to insert a picture of what I bought. 20 minutes of trying to figure where on earth I filed the picture on the computer, decided who cares! LOL

Stash IN this summer: 14.5 yards

Stash OUT this summer: 1.25 yards

Stash IN for year: 26.25 yards

Stash OUT for year: 274.25 yards

Total NET OUT: 248 yards

All in all, not bad. I was blog hopping and I end up in the neatest places and am amazed how I get there sometimes! I stumbled on this site, Pink Penguin, and she had a tutorial on this cutest little fabric basket. So similar to the purses I've been making, and all she changed was the handles! Of course, I had to make one. I had a bunch of 2" strips laying on my work table, leftover from a quilt I've been working on, so they were the volunteers for this little thing.
I was lucky to have a friend share 4 doz. ears of corn from her Mom's garden. I MISS having a garden! Anyway, I was able to make Freezer Corn from the 3 dozen we didn't eat. :)So easy to do. Cut the kernels off the cob:
Put in a roaster pan, for 20 cups of corn, add 3/4 c. sugar and 1 lb. of melted butter. I'd use less next time--although very good, I figured out much butter we were getting per serving and it was more than I thought! Oh well, we'll sure enjoy this batch! LOL Bake in a 300° oven for 1 hour. Cool and bag (I double bagged it) and freeze. Just reheat to serve.


Randi said...

Wow! You have really busted some fabric this year. That corn looks I am hungry! :-)

Mary Johnson said...

I'm so impressed with the yardage out everyone is reporting ...I wait until I've finished a quilt to count it as used and with so many HeartStrings donation tops, I'm not getting many of mine done this year.

The corn looks yummy!

Vickie E said...

I didn't know there was a 'debate' on stash! I can't participate in something that brain would freeze lol just kidding. I have, on my own, been keeping track but not really reporting to anyone. I think you can count it however you like. I have counted everything in and out since january 1st. It's not going to be pretty this year...well it's pretty to look at the fabric but my totals aren't that great. It's amazing how much we can make from fat think "I bet I used a bunch of yardage" and in reality it wasn't. Oh well...I'm stimulating the ecomony.

Anonymous said...

Okay, totally random and not related to your post, but what happened to your playlist? I loved the selection of music you had on your site, even though I usually keep my volume way down because I an so easily distractable!


Unknown said...

Wow, the basket looks great. The corn makes me hungry. I've must get to stash busting.