Monday, May 13, 2013

4 Patch Posy

First finish of May. Actually, got this done that first week, but just am now finding time to post!

4 Patch Posy
This is a variation of a Stack and Whack, done with only 4 layers and cutting squares.  I had several larger ones (6") and several smaller ones (4").  And then I quit. I put the whole thing in a project box, SANS directions/patterns or even a note as to what I was doing!  I had some fabric that was still pinned, like I might make more?  

7 years later: I decided to go with a layout that used what I had done so far and just use the rest of the fabric in the border and on the back. So here is the back, using what little I had left after cutting the borders/binding and used the last 4 blocks.

Don't ya love how my quilt has a head and feet? LOL

This is the original piece of fabric I used. It was really cool slipper heels in animal prints and fun colors!

Focus fabric used in blocks

 Close up of some blocks...

My apologies for such small blurry photos. They were on my ipad and I sent them to my husbands computer, since I'm working off of his today.  And they showed up really, really small! Hmm, not sure why. 

Now I am hoping for some warm weather in May! It was 39 degrees this morning. I covered all my plants last night as there was a front warning!  I think we are going to miss spring totally and go straight into summer! Oh well, at least I don't feel bad staying in and sewing!

Happy Quilting,

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ruthsplace said...

What a fun quilt. I love how the fabric turned out in the blocks, and Yay for a finish!