Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm back!

I'm not sure where to's been 2 months since I've last posted and a lot has been going on in our household. The last time I wrote I was in SC on a little vacation with my hubby and daughter. And the last time I felt carefree. I got a call from my doctor while gone and found out that I have diabetes. I know so many that live with the disease, but it sure was an eye opener and shock to me. And talk about a change in lifestyle! I've been trying to get it under control with diet/exercise and I think I've done as best as I can and think that I may have to reconcile the fact that I'll have to take meds. My first check up with the dr. was good, but things haven't gotten any better since then. But we'll see. Then our youngest daughter, with Down's....oops, I'm sorry,. she's now French..LOL.. has been acting like a rebellious 18 year old. Lots of issues at work and home. A very emotional time at our house for the last two months. But I see a light at the end of the rainbow. She is going to be moving out on June 1st and she is so excited to finally be a woman, or so she says! :) She's going to have a caretaker at all times, so that makes me feel better. But ask me on June 1 how I feel! So, in a nutshell--lots of changes/emotional ups and downs these last few months left me with no desire to sew/quilt/blog. BUT--after spending a week with Ted and another friend in Paducah and then back in SC with some quilting friends has spurred me back into the quilting world again. My hubby was getting worried about me. I mean, I've never gone this long without sewing, ever!

So...what have I been working on? I had to make a few more purses/bags for gifts....
I offered to sew a few samples for Laurie at Lollipops Bindings as she is about to depart on a whirlwind Australian tour..
Found a kit I got last year as a gift and knew it would be quick and easy... And another kit I received as payment for work done for a quilt shop..(you know I DO work for fabric! LOL)...
Made a few blocks for a friend who is having her own struggles with her husband's health issues..

So, there you life...all the good and the bad. And I'll survive. :) and I'm glad to be back!