Thursday, June 25, 2009

Life is Good!

3 months ago I was diagnosed with Diabetes and it's been an emotional roller coaster since then, add in a HUGE change in our household with our youngest daughter's (with Down's) moving out into her own apartment and it explains my absence. I was in a bit of a depression, but I just kept plugging away and now I feel a TON better. wise--got a GREAT report from the Dr. yesterday. My blood sugar numbers were well below where they needed to be, so she is keeping me off meds! WOO HOO! I've lost 27 lbs. so far and have a bit to go, but it's nice to be able to fit into some clothes of the past. :) The numbers aren't completely under control, but well on it's way. Thank God for allowing me to perservere through all this. And thanks to Kirt, being my biggest supporter. He said that my diagnosis was a good thing for both of us...a huge incentive to get back into eating healthy and exercising. So, he's been going right along with me and has lost 42 lbs! Go figure, it just drops off men, doesn't it? Well, I guess that and the fact he works out 1 1/2 hours a day! LOL

Second...Sheleah's big move! She was ready for it...acting like a rebellious teenager, you know--the ones who hit adulthood and decide that they can make their own decisions? Well, she was there, a bit late perhaps, but was ready. We moved her into her own apartment and she has care takers with her from the time she gets off work through the night until she goes back to work in the morning. We pick her up on Sunday mornings to go to church with us and then spend the day with us. I never thought this day would come actually. It was always a dream, the kind of dream like winning the lottery--you'd like it to happen, but it probably won't. I wasn't sure how I'd be with all of this and solved the problem by going out of town with some friends! And it worked! I missed her, but there wasn't a huge hole at night when she didn't come home.
We had an impromptu housewarming shower for her and she was SO excited. Well, after we had to explain that it wasn't a birthday party and they would be bringing kitchen related stuff rather than CD's and DVD's! She did request pink, she loves pink. And she got a lot of pink stuff! She loved the whole shower and was really pleased when they spelled her name right. LOL--she hates it when people misspell her name or say it wrong. And unfortunately there were a few that didn't know how to spell her name, but she waited patiently while they had to get up and change it right away--per her request!
I went away for two weeks, the first week was back to Lake Anna, VA with some friends. What a nice getaway, I caught up on sleep, laughs and a bit of sewing. It went by way too fast, as girlfriend getaways do! Then I headed down to my home in Pawley's Island, SC where I was having a retreat for my students. Some were so anxious to be there, they beat me! We had another fun week of mini lessons in the mornings (I had a retreat quilt that they all worked on, a bit each day), sunning at the pool/beach/Lazy River in the afternoons and then more sewing at night. Man, if you ever want to get to know people, go on a retreat with them! LOL We learned some good stuff--but we promised not to share it! Spent a lot of time laughing, tag team sewing to get someone (no names will be mentioned--LOL) caught up so she wouldn't have to stay up all night sewing. I presented the next step for the quilt in the mornings and then they all had to have their homework done by the next morning. Let's just say there were some wee hours sewing going on! I threatened to ground them from the pool if they didnt' get it done. But they all did and all went home with finished quilt tops! And lots of quilty things learned and a whole lot more. here's a little preview of our retreat quilt.........more to come.........

Being gone and being preoccupied has pushed me way back in my postings, but hopefully I can slowly get caught up. I'm back into the groove of sewing again--I KNEW it would come back! But more in the next post!
OH--there was a third thing I wanted to share---we have a new resident at our place..........more to come! heehee