Friday, November 20, 2009

a little bit of Christmas

Christmas will soon be upon us and if I don’t hurry, it will be another year without my Redwork Holiday Sampler being done. P5040199I spent a week a few years ago machine embroidering a whole lot of blocks and even did a set for my friend as a gift. She got her quilt done. Mine? Still sitting in a box. I brought it out a few weeks ago to show

a friend and I thought, why not get it done? And enjoy it! hmmm, novel idea!




the center part is done……now for the sawtooth border. I’m a workin’ on it (like there is nothing else to do at this time of year!)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009



I made a bunch of these purses for gifts and thought I'd share it with you too. I'd send y'all one, but the postage would be a bit much, so....grab a cuppa, a red placemat, fur trim and make one yourself..or two...or three!

Supply List:

(1) Placemat- mine was from Wal-Mart and had a bit of metallic sheen. It was 13" x 19", but yours can be whatever size it comes!
(2) 2" x 13" fur trim pieces (if your placemat is not 13"...adjust your fur trim to match your placemat size--it's the side measurement)
(2) 1" x 12" black grosgrain ribbon pieces
(1) 1" x 1 1/2" velcro
red thread

Remove any tags from placemat.

Working on the wrong side of the placemat, center the 'soft' (loop) side of the velcro piece on one SIDE of the placemat,(the short side) just below the hem (about 1/4" down). Stitch in place.

Repeat for other part of the velcro (hook), making sure the two pieces line up when you fold your placemat in half.

Fold under 1/4" on both short ends of BOTH grosgrain ribbon pieces. Working on the wrong side of the placemat, pin one side of the ribbon (folded edge down) onto the side of the placemat, (it will be close to the velcro) about 4" from the long edge and pin the other side 4" from the other long edge to create a handle.

Repeat for other ribbon, making sure they line up when the placemat is folded in half. Stitch in
place. (they don't need to be backstitched, as they will get stitched down again when you attach the fur trim.

Working on the RIGHT side of the placemat now, lay one fur trim piece along a side edge. Pin it so the fur trim is right at the edge.

Repeat for other side.

Zig zag along edge of fur trim, gently moving the fur out of the way to stitch. (at this point I had white thread in the top and red thread in the bobbin so the stitches would not show.)

Zig zag along the bottom edge of the fur trim piece, again moving the fur out of the way.

Fold the placemat in half, wrong sides together and pin. Stitch with 1/2" seam, backstitching at the top edge to secure.

To make a box corner: Place your ruler 1" from the bottom folded edge and 1" from the SEAM LINE (so the ruler will actually be at the 1 1/2" mark on the edge of the placemat).

Cut a corner out, being very careful to not 'overshoot' the ruler and cut into the placemat. Repeat on other bottom corner. Remember the 1" mark needs to be on the SEAM LINE and the FOLDED edge.

Match the seam line (with the seam allowances opened) with the bottom fold and pin.

Stitch with 1/2" seam, back stitching at the beginning and the end.

Zig zag the raw edges to prevent raveling.

Turn the purse inside out and now admire! Great job!!


* You can use pre-purchased handles from JoAnn's, Michael's or Hobby Lobby instead of the grosgrain ribbon.
* Use beaded trim instead of fur for a bit of fun.
*Using a plain placemat, fill the right side with different strips of ribbon for a striped look.

Here is the basic order for making a purse from a placemat:
1. Attach velcro on the wrong side of the placemat, centered at the short sides of the placemat (which will end up being the top of the purse).
2. Attach handles of your choice.
3. Attach any trim you'd like on the top edge of the purse (or none at all).
4. Fold placemat in half, wrong sides together and stitch side seams with 1/2" seam.
5. Box the corners. The bigger square that you cut, the wider your bottom will be (and therefore your purse will be shorter). Just remember that you cutting your square, using the bottom fold edge and the side SEAM allowance for your measurement marks.

The sky's the limit on what you can do. I bet you look at placemats a whole lot differently from now on! And just wait to see what you can do with 3 placemats! (more to come.........)

Making placemat purses at the PJ party

Last Friday I hosted another PJ party at my Studio and we made Placemat Purses. They are SO quick and easy, and make great gifts! Some couldn't stop at just one!

Sheri made two.........



Emma..made another one with quilted black fabric

made another one but got away before I could grab another picture

And mine.......Sheri found these placemats at Home Goods and so graciously let me have one. We used big wide handles and secured them with an ultrasuede tab.I embroidered my initial on the placemat before sewing it together. And had to CAREFULLY sew the tabs on to avoid the shell buttons. I removed the end buttons so I could sew it together.

I'm working on a quick little tutorial...

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook- Nov. 16

The Simple Woman's Daybook is done each Monday. Check it out......

FOR TODAY November 16, 2009 from Karen's Daybook...

Outside my window...a little gray today, and all the leaves are gone. Nice day to catch up on paperwork

I am thinking...if I buckle down, I can get all my Christmas done BEFORE Thanksgiving, allowing me time to enjoy the grandkids

I am thankful many blessings God has bestowed on I need to share MORE with others

From the learning rooms...I would like to learn how to do a Digital Scrapbook page as our Christmas letter this year......anyone know where to go for help?

From the kitchen..shhh, I know Thanksgiving is not until NEXT week, but I'm thawing a turkey out right now to cook tomorrow. Since we are going to my brother's for Thanksgiving, we won't get the leftovers that are so awesome after a big turkey dinner. So, I'm doing it ahead of time!

I am new pj's!

I am creating...tote bags for all my daughter's staff. She has 9 people that work with her, so I better get on the ball

I am my brother's and his family for Thanksgiving. I'm really excited. It's been at least 15 years since we've celebrated Thanksgiving together.

I am reading...and finishing up "Don't Waste Your Life" by John Piper (for my Bible Study)

I am get all my Christmas decorations up BEFORE we leave for my brother's, so when we return, we are ready for Christmas!

I am listening to.... Theme from A Summer Place by Percy's such an old song, but it's such a nice easy song to throw you back to yesteryear. You can listen to it if you scroll down to the bottom of my blog and see it on the playlist.

Around the house...hubby surprised me Saturday by putting up our huge Christmas tree while I was teaching all day. Thanks Kirt! One less thing for me to do!

One of my favorite things... getting inspired by so many Godly women. But I need to learn to read less of what THEY are doing and do it more myself!

A few plans for the rest of the week: work on my new class schedule and samples, doing some Christmas shopping

Here is picture I am sharing...........this is my youngest granddaughter and I might have shared this photo before, but I could just sit and gaze at her all day heart just almost bursts with love for those little ones. God is SO good to reward us with grandchildren AFTER we have raised our own. And such a reward they are..couldn't you just eat her up?
Now go out and have a great day and go hug a grandkid.......or your kids..........or any kid!

Friday, November 13, 2009


I had an alphabet swap about a year ago with some students and am finally getting around to getting my quilt done. Just in time for the next round of students! I had 4 corner blocks that looked so lonely and blank, I decided to embroider the blocks.
A close up of a few of the blocks...I found this cute fabric that had Shoo Fly blocks on it, perfect for the Q, N for nuts, and a cool ultrasuede zebra fabric.I got it quilted last night and now it just needs binding and a label!

Here is a little sneak peek of what other quilt top I started AND finished Monday. It's a quick and easy one. But it makes no sense right now. It needs to be quilted and embellished a little before you 'get it'. Hopefully,over the weekend I can get that done. My friend found the pattern and she and another friend were going to look for fabric and did I want any? Of course not, I have plenty of fabric! That is, until she showed up and let me what she got! I loved that black/red/plaid and the snowflake fabric in red and white! I had to have it, but alas, no time to get it before we all got together to make it. As luck would have it, they had enough between the 3 of them leftover that I got to make my own quilt and all I had to do was add a white on white! Yee haw! So, this quilt used 1/4 yard out of my stash! And then will use another 2 yards for backing and about 1/2 yard for binding. Not bad I say, not bad at all.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

more from Vegas

I'm back now and can post a few pictures since I forgot my patch cord while I was gone! Being born in Denver, I love mountains. And what a difference a mountain range can be. Here is the view from our room. Desert mountains look a lot different and a bit barren. Now that I live in the Mid west..the mountains here (through Penn., WV and VA) are way different. The one thing that confuses me in Vegas, is that you are surrounded by mountains, in all directions! I become navigationally challenged here.
They are building a bridge over Hoover Dam...quite a sight to see! When I was at the quilt shop in Boulder City, I overheard them telling somone that it was a must see! Unfortunately, I didn't listen to their advice. Who wants to go see a bunch of construction! My hubby sent this to me right after we got back. Now I wish I would have gone the 6 more miles!
Here is fabric that I bought for a friend (and since she only needed 3/4 yard, I bought 1 and kept 1/4!) I loved it!
Another FQ bundle of Blacks and Whites. I'm always on the hunt for a variety and these fit the bill.
Another few pieces that were calling my name. I didn't get very much of them, 1/2 yard, but thinking a handbag of some type would look good.
I love to read but rarely take the time anymore. I'll go in spurts where I'll read a lot and then spend many months not reading a thing other than my Bible Study book. But I just finished this book........gave some food for thought. :)