Sunday, May 23, 2010

Joy, joy, joy

I’ve got the Joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart…..down in my heart……oh wait, I mean I’ve got Joy on my mind.  Joy was my Secret Sister in my sorority this past year and as usual, I make my Secret Sister a quilt for the final revealing day.  Not only is she my Secret Sister, but she’s a close long time friend, who has gotten into quilting in the last couple of years, making her even a closer friend!    I made Nana’s Garden (a Quilt in a Day quilt!)PB100010  It started out as a sample for a class, but I loved it so much, I am giving this one to her and making one for me as well!  I used up almost all my scraps to make this one and I STILL have florals out the wazoo!  (yeah I know—the spell check doesn’t like that word!) 

I used a stencil and a blue wash away marker to mark the feather wreathsPB100012 and the little side triangles thingys,PB100011 and it took several days of spraying those marks to get them out. I don’t get it…when you want them to leave, they resist going. But boy, if you need them, they disappear overnight! 

PB100040I just bought this latest round of embroidery designs (from the Embroidery Library) and I just love them.  This one is from Flowers of Faith (Set #1—there are 2 sets).     I made the label with this flower on it, figuring it was perfect since it was a floral quilt and that’s her name!



quilt flower embroideryhere’s another good one, from Flowers of Creativity from the same company…

Wouldn’t it be cute on a pocket of a tote bag?  on a shirt?  in a blank block on a quilt?  possibilities are endless!




Nana’s Garden for Joy



Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Welcome Leia Noelle

Bad, bad Nana—my newest little granddaughter leia2wks is now one month old (born April 13—on my grandmother’s 107th birthday, or would have been).  I’m just NOW getting the pictures up and how she has changed already!  She was a big one (9 lbs, 4 oz) and struggled a little bit coming into the world, but all is good and what a happy, content baby she is.

Mom saying her first hello…

 T meeting Leia

Proud big sister

Mia with Leia

Big brother (who walked in and asked where the baby was, peeked at her and then asked for the Ipad!—boys!)


and finally, curious sister (who checked her COMPLETELY out and is fascinated by her)


Welcome precious little one….God is so amazing in bringing us fresh miracles each day and there is no bigger miracle than a little baby.  I love you Leia. (pronounce lay-ah)