Friday, April 09, 2010

More finishes

As I was updating my Excel spreadsheet on the status of all my quilt projects (yes, I have THAT many to warrant a spreadsheet!) and I realized that I have finished 17 projects so far this year!  As in FINISHED—quilted, binding on AND label! I won’t allow myself to call it finished and put in the DONE column until it has a label. I’ve seen too many quilts without labels because they think they’ll get to it later and then later never happens, or worse, they can’t remember when they made it!  Okay—I admit, I once was guilty of that, but no more. Actually, I’ve done that for years, just for my own memory’s sake. 

Now I feel better about being absent from my blog, I’ve been sewing! and sewing…and sewing!  A little cooking, laundry, treadmill work and minimal cleaning thrown in, but mostly sewing.

Here’s more that I have finished this year:

Disappearing 9 Patch


I loved how simple this quilt was, yet so striking. I wasn’t liking the D9P (as it’s also called) being totally scrappy, so opted for a bit more planned version. Fits perfect on my kitchen table.

Circle Game


This was done using Lollipop’s Bindings, which are GREAT.  Her bindings come in lots of fun colors and she also sells kits to use them in as well.   IMG_0015My granddaughter chose this as her new quilt at Nana’s. All the kids have quilts that are just theirs when they come stay here. They noticed a few months ago that they have kind of outgrown their original baby quilts. And since the oldest granddaughter got to pick out a new quilt (that was on my design wall at the time), they wanted to as well. So I showed them all the quilt tops in line waiting to be quilted if they wanted one soon. ;)  I had the most adorable quilt picked out for the Divine Miss M, but she kept saying, ‘or you could keep it’.  LOL  I finally got the hint and let her choose her own and this was it.

Salt Water Taffy

Salt Water Taffy (2)

a class I taught about 1 1/2 years ago and my grandson decided he would like that to be his new quilt at Nana’s.  Good incentive to get it quilted!Salt Water Taffy

that’s it for today…more coming.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

I have a blog?

Oh yeah!  I have written DOZENS of posts……too bad they were all in my head!  Oh well, I keep saying, there just ain’t enough hours in the day I tell ya. Little mini dramas going on with Sheleah (our adult daughter w/Down’s) and am not liking where it’s headed, but God gave her to us for a reason and we’ll just keep hanging in there trying to figure her out!  If anything, she keeps us on our toes.

Since I’m a bit behind, I’ll just start showing  pictures of what I’ve been working on, and they might be out of order of being done, but hey, what can I say?  :)

Saw these type of quilts all over the Internet, so taught a class and shared the ‘tags’ with the students, everything from fuzzy minkee, bumpy fabric (for the bottoms of slippers), ribbons from satin to grosgrain, chenille.  I made this little Tagalong for the newest grandbaby that is to be born next Tuesday, April 13!!  The blocks were leftover from a quilt I made for Alia, 2 1/2 years ago. Sad to say she doesn’t carry that one around, but a ragged old fleece Tinkerbell blanket. :(  This Nana isn’t happy, but what can you say?  I’m hoping that making a smaller quilt with lots of textures and softness, the new baby might be more inclined (as well as Mom & Dad) to carry this one around. tagalong (1)tagalong I made another Tag Quilt for a couple at church, but it got wrapped and out the door before I remembered to take a picture, but then, I think you get the idea. :)

Liam turned 4 in March and I came across this panel (I added the last two borders)Liam 4th bd (1) that I bought a few years ago (probably when he was born) and never made it. I thought I better get it done before he outgrows it!  He already is done with Thomas the Tank, Cars, and now is into dinosaurs and Super Heros.  So, Thomas the Tank got put on the back. Liam 4th bd (4) He picked the fabric out one time while wandering through Wal Mart, he put the whole bolt in my cart!  So, I better use it up while I can.  The panel was a little village with Liam 4th bd (2)streets and lots of different buildings. So,  I wrote the names of his city on the Post Office building, the name of the hospital where he was born and added in the names of his siblings and cousins as well. They all loved searching for their name. I guess they start young liking to see their name in print. I like adding words into the quilting on a quilt when it’s for someone special, makes it all their own. Liam 4th bd (3)  I still had some fabric leftover, so decided to make a pillowcase. Liam 4th bd (5) Liam 4th bd (6) Well, when your cutting table is overflowing and you need to start measuring to cut at the 10” mark instead of the 0” mark, you need to ADD 10” to the other end. Hmmmm, wonder why my pillowcase ended up short and then had to add to it!! Liam 4th bd Dumb, dumb!! He won’t know.  Guess I better clean up my work room a bit.