Saturday, December 23, 2006

more living room pictures

This is for those who wanted more living room pictures! I don't think people believe we painted a wall red! But it looks great--and have the best quilt in mind to do. Actually, the fabric is where I pulled my paint color! and it's not a bright red--but not a barn red either. But it looks great with my new black furniture. Now to start working on my quilt.....


Wow--this is the calmest I've ever been for Christmas--I ought to go to Jamaica more often! :) We had a very relaxing time. We renewed our wedding vows in a gorgeous gazebo on the cliff overlooking the ocean. We even had a cake, champagne and bouquet of flowers. It was a very special and touching ceremony as we reaffirmed our commitment to one another for at least another 32 years!We had a great time--even after I got stung by a bee. I ended up having to have an ER dr. come to the resort to give me a shot and medicine. I was "forced" to stay off my feet with my leg up and out of the sun. So I laid on a chair with my feet at the head of the chair, elevated with a towel over my leg! We couldn't do any tours after that, but that's okay. Even that pressure was taken off of us. Not the best hair do in the top picture--it looked fine in the room! :) The wind and humidity played havoc with it the moment I stepped out the door. Oh well--but isn't that a beautiful site? We watched many weddings over the course of time while we were there. And the bottom picture is a self-portrait! As you can tell, most of our other pictures were too far away to even see us, so we did our own!
Sorry--nothing quilty about this post, but just wanted to share. I did take some pictures there for possible inspiration for a quilt. But opted out of taking anything to work on.

Monday, December 04, 2006

getting a new look

Not me--heehee--my great room. After doing the blue/yellow color scheme for quite a few years, I decided to move on to something else. My hubby had our carpet replaced one time while I was gone to a little darker tan (to cover all the dirt!) and the yellow couch had to go. So I decided I wanted a black leather couch, loveseat and chairs, and a poppy red wall. Actually, there is a quilt I want to make with those colors in it--and why not change the WHOLE great room to match? That's what I thought! :) So, hubby painted the large window wall a beautiful shade of red (it's not bright--but not a barn red either)...we ordered the furniture and it's in place, I changed my Christmas tree colors from white/creams to all reds, including some oversized ornaments. The only thing left was all my end tables and sofa table and my pie safe (which had punched tin doors that my hubby hated-and wanted to burn!) that didn't quite go in my new room. The tables were all antiqued white and the pie safe was natural oak. I talked him into painting it all black. He took the doors off the pie safe and left them off and painted it all black. They all look fantastic! Just how I imagined. I then loaded as many quilts as I could in it and changed the location so it would be a featured part of the room. It looks so nice, all filled with quilts. Ahhhh, now the kitchen doesn't look so good what do you think about the kitchen now? Boy, doesn't one thing lead to another?

Well, I'm off for a little R&R with hubby in Jamaica. I wonder why I ever agree to go away in December, but actually it's a much needed break. And since I didn't get my shopping done, I think I'll just shop online this year, from a chaise lounge. :) I'll be back....probably :)