Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mini Sampler

I'm in the process of teaching a sampler class and after many times teaching it, I get bored making the same block over and over. Last year, while teaching and doing demos, I made a Half Pint Sampler. Meaning, instead of making 12" blocks, I made them 1/2 size, or 6". I decided to take it one step farther and really challenge myself and make them 1/4 size or 3" finished! And I'm making them the same way they are, so no paper piecing. This one shows MY block and a student's block to show the scale of mine. Hmm, don't think I'll go any smaller! LOL

This is a 9-patch/snowball block and the finished size on those 9-patches are 1/2". I don't know how people make them any smaller. I could barely hang on the the things to sew them! And I have fingernails.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Memory Quilt & T-shirt quilt done!

Look how the light shines right through the center section of that quilt-it's even quilted and has Warm and Natural batting. I did have to piece in a lighter piece of fabric through the center of the backing because when the man's wife added more to the quilt, it made me short of the backing I already bought (the last of the bolt). I finished the binding and the label and then called him to tell him it was done. They came over right away! And they loved it. It's always a concern when you put your own twist on things as to whether they'll like it or not. A big sigh of relief! I quilted in her mother's name along with all her children's and grandchildren's names. It will take them a while to find them all, as some are quite unnoticeable! I think that adds something to the quilt--putting something hidden in to make them keep looking.

This is the other quilt I finished this week for a customer. I use pictures for the center block and then cut out small portions of other T-shirts and applique them on after it's quilted. That way they can get a lot more in the quilt. I also printed out some quotes she wanted and appliqued them on as well. I deliver it tomorrow and I'm done!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

more condo pictures

This is bedroom #3-- bedroom #4 just like it but in a soft lime green.
This is the Master Bedroom and was going to make 1 King bedspread and buy 2 XL twin comforters in black. All gone--discontinued. So...I bought King comforter in black and had to make 2 bedspreads. Well, only had fabric for one and of course, they have no JoAnn's in Myrtle Beach area. So I had to do that when I got home. This is a swing king bed, meaning it's a King bed that "swings" apart to make 2 twins. Men would never sleep in the same bed, and since it's in a golf course community (close to the beach), we had to go with this bed.

My other pictures won't load--but everything else was done and I could move on to other things!

Lots going on and LOTS done!

Whew! I'm back and with lots of pictures to share, but blogger gets a bit picky when you try to load too many, so I might not share all. First of all, made a flying trip (by car!) back to SC to finish my condo and it's all done but one bedspread. Well, it's done now and it took a UPS trip to SC to complete the condo. I'll only share a few photos, I might load the rest on my webshots site.

Here is the outside--there are 4 condos in the building, 2 up and 2 down. Mine is on the lower left. This is when you walk in the front

door and the picture below is the kitchen/dining area.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Memory Quilt

I finally got the Memory Quilt done that was commissioned 2 days before hubby fell. I normally don't make quilts for other people (for $$) for various reasons, but this gentleman was so persuasive and was so sweet, I couldn't say no. His MIL passed away and he wanted to have a quilt made for his wife in her memory. He said that he wanted his wife to cry when he gave it to her because he thought of it. He had it all planned out how he would present it to her, etc. How could I resist? Well, unfortunately, she found the receipt that he paid the deposit, so the cat was out of the bag. Yes, she did cry! But she really wanted to see it in the planning stages. She decided that she wanted it larger, a poem changed and a few of the pictures changed, so I made all the changes for her. In a way, it's a good thing she did find out as now, hopefully, she'll really be happy with it instead of thinking, I wish this or that was different. I'm going to just loopy-ti-loop quilt it with stars and I'll write in the names of the mother, her kids and grandkids randomly.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Whoooosh--hear life roaring past you?

Whew! where does time go? I made a whirlwind trip to SC to get our new condo ready. And of course, I thought I could make bedspreads and dust ruffles for 8 beds in one day! Really! And then reality sat in and I only got 4 beds done in 3 days! So, I must return for Round Two. Oh well..

Here is one of the bedrooms that is done. So much to be done, wonder if we could squeeze 48 hours per day? At least boredom will never set in with me. :)