Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm back!

No, I did not fall off the face of the earth--I just got buried in kitchen remodeling stuff--it's ALL over the house! All the stuff from my kitchen is everywhere and then add a nice thick icing of dust and you can imagine what it's like here. I had lots of design decisions to make, paint color...handles (80 total!!)...lights, etc. And then I left for a week to SC with some friends to just get away from it all, the snow and mess here! They are not quilters...BUT I got them into a quilt store and they bought fabric! Heck, if I can't buy it (honoring my stash busting commitment), I can sure help those that can! LOL I'll write more in the next post about that. So, obviously there is no STASH BUSTING report--good or bad. But soon..soon I'll be back sewing. The kitchen is almost done now, so a few more finishing touches and then taxes and then I'm free!!
I just have to share this daughter just sent a bunch to me with Little L..who just turned 2. He loves to eat and found some cookies...but dang, can't quite get the package open but if I try hard enough, I might get something..

I got something!!
yeah, it's good!
uh-oh, I don't think Dad is too happy..
Dad--don't take them away!!
That kid is always looking for food-he loves apples well, the first 4 bites anyway!

and to give the others a chance to's the Divine Miss M on Easter..
and finally Miss A, who is now 5 months old! I wish time would slow down, this might be our last little one and I LOVE the little just doesn't last long enough!

Monday, March 10, 2008

What am I doing???

I am SO supposed to be working on my books/taxes and somehow I wandered off to just look at a 'few' blogs...and I happened to see yet another cool signature and I clicked on it and found a site where I could get one too!! Woo hoo! So, of course I had to go do that, play with my name, nicknames, my Passionate Quilter name and then of course, it's the 120 fonts, colors, sizes and slopes! Then trying to figure out how to get it into my post. My question? Do you have to copy and paste the code in EVERY time you post? I tried to find a place in the template where it could just 'be' and I can't seem to see it. I'm in Blogger and if someone knows how to get it to stay there so I don't have to copy/paste each post, I'd sure appreciate a heads up! Thanks!
Now what kind of post would it be without pictures? (and a chance to try my new code!). So I'll show you another quilt that I finished last week. "Crazy Friendships"Another 24 FQ challenge quilts--I used some pretty contemporary fabric with a 'modified' traditional design and thought I'd finish it off with a traditional quilting design, the Baptist Fan. So it has a little of everything in it. Here's the idea picked up from Mary--I love the way it looks instead of having a seam down the middle separating the two fabrics. This spices it up a bit.
and another snow picture....I love this pump--it's a real pump, but never used. I bought it just for decoration. :)

PS..woo worked!

Sunday, March 09, 2008


This is NOT a quilty post here--but just an observation and sad commentary. So, you can move on if you like. In the last 3 weeks, I have had 3 different friends who know me/us fairly well and know about our Down's Syndrome daughter,(notice the 'pose', when I told her I wanted to take her picture, she immediately went into her 'modeling' mode--oh, the pictures I'm NOT sharing!)
and they have all made similar comments about someone doing something stupid being 'retards' or that 'retarded dog' or something along those lines. Have you ever made a comment like that about another person or animal that isn't being too bright at the time? Unfortunately, that term is used in a very derogatory and negative manner with no respect for the truly 'mentally retarded' population out there. It's something I have heard all my daughter's life. I'm an emotional person and I'm afraid if I would say something, I would start crying. I know they love my daughter--but they are TRULY demeaning her as a human being when they say things like that. I wish I were a witty, quick on my feet person and had a great comeback. After the one episode, my husband and I just looked at each other when the comment was made, but said nothing. Apparently someone saw our eye exchange and said something to our friend, who called and apologized. We thought about saying this comment when someone makes a rude remark.."Oh, do they have Down's Syndrome too?" I thought, that would be a great comment to kind of bring their attention to their poor choice of adjectives. So, when it happened just ONE week later, from one of my best friends, I stammered. It was said so flippant, she gave it not one thought. So.........does anyone out there have any great suggestions? I know it's a very important thing to me, having a retarded daughter, but to others, it doesn't even cross their minds. But please, if you have ever made a remark similar to that, think about what message you are sending--that you think they are the lowest forms of our human race. And you know what? We were BLESSED by having her, wondering what we ever did to deserve to have her.

So, now that being said--and thanks for listening to my little 'soapbox''s a little story about her day today....

I made a huge mistake this morning by not remembering in time to change my daughter's watch and alarm clock for Daylight Savings Time. She is very much a creature of habit, she LOVES structure and follows her watch to the second! Believe me, when it's 12:00 noon--you KNOW where she is! Asking about lunch. 3:00--same thing, only it's 'snack' time and then 5:30 it's dinner. For some reason breakfast doesn't 'have a time'! LOL She-She (affectionately called by her nieces and nephews) has Down's Syndrome (although if you ask her, she's over that! She doesn't suck her tongue anymore and so she must think that's all that means--and don't even argue with her about that!) and is 26 years YOUNG. She's not old, she tells us, she's young. Okay, whatever. Dhe doesn't 'get' the time change thing, so she refuses to let me change her watch or clock. So I'm going to have to sneak into her bedroom tonight and do it quick. She's just not happy--she kept changing MY clock to match her watch! I threatened no dinner to her if she did it again. She didn't.
update: I HAD to change something-either change MY clock or her watch, because it didn't match and she was not a happy camper. Well, these new-fangled watches confuse me and do I know where the little book you get with the watch is? HA! So, after almost 1/2 hour of messing with it--oh let's see, I first changed her alarm by accident, I convinced her it was a better time anyway (it was 4:27--probably set by me to start with accidentally, and I got it to 3:00--snack time!), somehow changed the alarm to 5:00 and told her it was quitting time at work, so that's okay. FINALLY got it to the right time, well, not quite--it was ONE minute behind her newly changed alarm clock. Easy fix--change the alarm clock! LOL BUT oh no--I somehow got it in military time and can't get it back! There is no way I can explain that one to her, so I kept playing. Somehow I got it all right and she's not super happy because it's all confusing her why we do this, but she feels right with the world again.

And again--I appeal to those who don't even think about the choice of words they maybe come up with a better way to express your frustrations with someone. I thought of several comparisons of what it sounds like, but they were all too negative and demeaning, I didn't even want to say them. I would love to hear your suggestions on how you would handle it? Remember it comes out of the blue with no forewarning and I'm not the quickest thinker! LOL

Stashbusting Sunday 3/9

Okay--did fairly well getting rid of the stash and no NEW stash again. But let me tell ya, it's VERY dangerous to have a free 1/2 hour roaming the internet! You won't believe all the new stuff I saw and loved! SOOO tempting, but I'm being strong.

Stash added this week: 0 yards
Stash added YTD: 0 yards

Stash busted this week: 12.5 yards
Stash busted YTD: 70.5 yards

Boy, it sure helps not going to quilt shops, Super Bowl Sales, quilt shows or staying away from Internet sites! But Paducah is next month--that's when the real test comes in. LOL What's sad is that 70 yards sounds like a lot--but there is no way you can even see a dent in my closet. :( I wonder how much you have to 'bust' before it's noticable?

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Blizzard of 08

Well, that's what they're calling it. LOL It just amuses me that the newscasters love to 'name' events--AS they are happening! Yes, it's true there were blizzard warnings until 4 PM today--which technically means there is low visability, winds over 35 mph and it lasts more than 3 hours. So, by definition, we are 'having a blizzard'. But for those that lived through the Blizzard of '78--this is just a bad winter storm! We have about 20" of snow since yesterday and the roads are hazardous to drive on since the wind blows the snow right back on the roads as soon as it's plowed. We're in a Level 3 Snow Emergency--which means only emergency vehicles--you can get ticketed if caught. Well, you won't get caught--just stranded with no help! In the meantime, we're all holed up here with a pot of vegetable soup going and a pot of homemade chicken noodles cooking.
So, what's a gal to do when housebound--and no husband? Well, shoveling is NOT one of them! LOL I'm calling the snow plow guy when it's all over! I've been a VERY busy gal and finished 10--yes, TEN quilts this week. Granted most of them were small and almost all of them were flimsy's, but hey--done is done! Here's a few:

"Twinkling Stars"--remember I got this done at my retreat. Now it's bound and labeled."Merry, Merry" # 2 and #3--I can't find #1, LOL Oh well, these were very old projects that all they needed was some simple quilting and a few buttons! Why oh why do I wait so long? Not sure what I'll do with them. I'll show more finishes tomorrow. In the meantime, I felt like I was due to play and do something NOT on my list and fun to do. I bought the fabric and pattern for this tote in Houston last year. It's a new line from Lakehouse Fabrics, I can't remember the name right now. But it's now done too! Now 'that was fun'! I think I'll make another one or make an apron tonight. Or maybe be lazy and look through quilt magazines and books.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ice, ice baby!

Whoa--it's been gorgeous here since we had our ice storm a few days ago! Not too great for the trees who's limbs are snapping with the extra weight or the electric lines getting snagged right and left. But it looks like a crystal paradise! (Edited: I forgot to mention that these photos aren't mine. I'd love to take credit, but I can't. :) They are from our local newspaper, Marion Star website sent in by Mark Blum--thanks Vickie for the comment, it reminded me do give credit where it's due)
It's melting now but, no fear. Another ice storm as well as 6-10 more inches of snow are due Friday and Saturday. That's okay--lock me up with my fabric and sewing machine!
Speaking of which....the machines are still whirring over in the sweatshop..I mean, the studio! I have still been busy. Hubby's away so dinner's can be simple and I can stay holed up for days sewing! However, I should be doing taxes. I did devote one day so far to them, then I had the urge to sew again. Imagine that! LOL I finally got my Bento Box quilted..the top has been done for a year. (hey--take a peek at the bottom right of the photo--it's the 'ugly' fabric I won at our annual FQ swap. Is that ugly or what? And actually the first time around--it was in the 'pretty' category! And she swore she thought it was pretty! So, now it makes it's annual appearance in the ugly category--but with a little lopped off that has to be included in some quilt along the way.)

Close up of the quilting...

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Stashbusting Report and Finishes

Thanks for all the good wishes for my anniversary, sans hubby. :) We'll celebrate when I see him again--not until Mar. 20 though. :( And yes--I was a child bride! I was 17 and he was 19--I got engaged when I was 16 to him. Like WHAT were my parents thinking? LOL Although we were young, we vowed we'd make it no matter what. At first to show up all the naysayers! And then comes the kids and then grandkids and now it all just seems like a few years ago! Time flies when you are having fun!

Another good week--even with 2 grandkids here! I finished 3 more quilts and finished 3 UFO's to the flimsy stage--so that darn list is never going to go down! I'm going to try to keep up the pace, but taxes need to be done sometime! LOL
"Cross My Heart" --part of my Girlfriends 24 FQ challenge"KF Stepping Stones" one of my original 24 FQ challenge quilts. This is a free pattern from Bonnie's site. Picture below is a close up of my free motion quilting. I'm trying to continually push myself to do different things and not be in a hurry to just finish them up. This was on my design wall "Bright HST"(a quilt from about 5 years ago--I messed up the sewing--done at a friends house and we were talking WAAY too much. So came home and put it away) and my granddaughter decided that should be her new quilt! We had just discussed that the quilts they have here at Nana's house were getting just a bit too small for them and I would have to make them new ones. When she walked into my Studio--she immediately fell in love with it! How fortunate for me--that she liked an old UFO! Now the others want bigger ones too and thought I should have them done in a day like hers! I'm going through my UFO's now to see if any would fit the bill for them. Not looking good for the little boys--I just don't do that many 'boy' type quilts. But I guess I'm going to have to now that I have two grandsons!Backing for quilt above--she picked out the backing fabric and there wasn't quite enough--so she picked out two more to add to it. More stash busted! And that brings my 2008 finishes to 15! Pretty soon I'm going to run out of easy ones or ones that are ALMOST done! LOL And we'll see the rate drop.


Stash busted week of 2/25/08: 22.5 yards (includes 11 yards donated to church quilt group)

Stash bought week of 2/25/08: 0 yards

Stash busted YTD: 58 yards

Stash bought YTD: 0 yards

Net stash used: 58 YARDS!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Happy 33rd Anniversary to my hubby

Thanks honey for the flowers and chocolates--but I'd trade them for you being here!
Hubby is on a round the world business trip--he's been in China and Vietnam and is now in India--and today is our anniversary. I had a busy day at the Studio with classes/open sew and Zoe being used. My daughter didn't want to go on 'a date' with Mom, so I'm home working on cleaning out my files to do taxes. I could give myself a good swift kick in the behind for getting lax with my paperwork, etc. I do really well entering everything on the computer, and then come summer--I just stuff everything in a file. And now I have to deal with it again! You'd think I'd learn! LOL You see, I have this passion for quilting.....and it's taken over my life! :)

This is a bag full of fabric (about 10 yards) from MY STASH that I gave to a local church. My friend got a call from her former church and they are desperate for fabric. They have people coming in to quilt and no fabric to use. So she called me and I quickly filled a bag for her. It will be added into my stashbusting report! Yeah!