Monday, June 28, 2010

Inspired by PINK!

I love this time of year, about a month after planting flowers, they are getting filled out and not getting that bedraggled look they get after a long hot summer. Here's a few from my yard...

Yeah! I got my hydrangeas to bloom, I just love them

Impatiens starting to fill in

Astilbe --such a soft looking flower

gerbera daisy--JoAnn's finest!  hahaha  these are in a metal pitcher in a place that is hard to get a hose, but yet I wanted color, so I cheated! It looks great from the road. I might have to re-think my planting next year and totally wipe out all that watering time. 

Inspired by the colors in my yard....I grabbed all my pinks, oranges, yellows and a bit of green here and there to make....

60 degree scrappy diamonds.  And then turned 40 of those into this.....

A baby quilt for some sweet little girl.  Next, I'm going to gather blues/greens for a boy quilt.  And my scrap pile is still as large as it's ever been! How on earth does that happen?

by the way, thanks to those who commented on giving me advice with my new Mac.  I'm loving it..I wish I could have unlimited time to sit and play with it. I've been spending a lot of time on it, but there is just so many hours in a day and too much to do. But I am making headway and learning something new each day and even teaching hubby a thing or two....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Switching over to the other side

Got your attention, didn't I? LOL I'm switching to the iMac. There, I said it, so therefore I'm committed.

It was a Christmas present. Yep, I said Christmas and I am just getting it out of the box. Let's just say I've been a bit reluctant to do the big switch! Don't get me wrong, I've heard wonderful things about them, but when you've been a PC user since the Commodore 64 (egads--did I just date myself or what??), I was just hesitant. But, but, but...what about my website? Still in a quandry about that. iWeb (Mac's built in website builder) seems a bit weak, but I'm not ready for the big guns, like DreamWeaver either. So...I wander around the web, hoping an answer will pop up. and what about.......

EQ7--so not compatible with Mac. :( I was bummed about that, but am NOT about to give it up, so it goes on my notebook.

3D Embroidery--not compatible either. And I need it for my embroidery machine. Load it on an older lap top to use exclusively for the sewing machine. And now they just came out with 5D--amazing how quick our programs become!

Cook'N- a recipe/cookbook software program where I get a free cookbook download each month. Where to put it? Notebook? Old laptop?

Quicken--got the Mac version, but in order for it to port over, I need to change the file name size to a certain size.....geez, it's easier to start new.
Microsoft Office Suite--I got the Mac version, but since it's a newer version than I had before, it's all new to me anyway. Do I just switch to a Mac version?

It's all so much to learn and not just one thing, but A LOT!! I feel like I'm drowning a bit and no one to throw me a life jacket!! LOL I did get the One to One membership where I get free training for a year, but they were really frowning when I brought my sleeping bag.

So--anyone out there been through this? Any helpful hints? tips?