Monday, April 30, 2012

April finish

Just squeaking' in at the tail end of the month. I gotta quit doing that!  This is my finish for April.  We are leaving mid-May for a trip, so I better get hustling or I'll never get May's done.

My Flimsy closet ran out of hangers and I vowed to not make more quilts until all the hangars were empty.  Can I do it?  Hmm, not sure, but am trying.

This is a class sample I made a few years ago, but never quilted.  It's Winning Hands (from Eleanor Burn's book of same name), and I made it in our Buckeye colors!  Actually a student did one years ago and I always liked it, so I made one for me.  And now it's going to go to a good friend who helped me out on a project.

OSU Winning Hands

Sunday, April 01, 2012

A new Grandma is being born!

ABC quilt for Sue
No, not me. I have 6 grandkids already!  A friend is having her first grand baby soon and has waited SO long for this to happen. She was beginning to think she would never get the chance.  A group I am in (a non quilting group) have what they call 'Grandma Showers' when one of us becomes a Grandma for the first time.  My friend was in this group for 25+ years and dropped out a few years ago, so won't get a shower. :(  But a few of us decided to surprise her anyway.  I have made quilts for all my other friends, so made one for her too.

I have made several of these over the years, and had one bag of blocks already done.  I have collected prints over the years that would work with this quilt.  My own grandkids have theirs, so this bag of blocks was just sitting in a bin.

So, I really killed two birds with one stone!  Another UFO done! And a gift done! Woo too..don't you love it when things work out like that?

The quilt size turned out to be 50" x 60" a little bit bigger than a normal baby quilt..but will be perfect when she becomes a toddler and then Grandma can play the ABC game with her. My own grandkids were entertained for hours with theirs. 

I hope everyone is having a great spring! We sure are.  It got almost a bit too warm a few weeks ago, now it's more like spring.  A little bit cooler, but very refreshing. I'm loving it!