Monday, December 31, 2007

Ah..the end of the year

I can't believe it's the end of the year..where does it all go? Reflecting over this past year brings lots of fun memories of travels and some sad times too. And has me again thinking is 'this' how I want my life to go? I'm sitting here in a bit of a fog due to the flu--that somehow hit me the DAY after my Open House and the culmination of most of my activities. How convenient for me to get sick now, huh? But as I take pause and think of the next year ahead, what do I want? Okay, besides world peace, LOL. I want time with my grandkids, geez the oldest one is 7 already! I love teaching quilting and for some reason, my classes continue to grow, so I guess that's a sign to keep on. I love traveling and visiting so many people and seeing such wonderful places. And a bit more time to donate to the church. So, what has to give? I need balance and right now, I don't feel balanced. I need help, anyone has suggestions? :) I saw that Bonnie over at Quiltville has decided to give herself the gift of time--GREAT idea! Now, how to do it?
I am closing out my 2007 tab on my Excel spreadsheet and saw that I finished 23 quilts this year, 8 of them were donated to charities or someone in need and 1 was sold. A good year I guess until I realize that most of my quilts are now for class samples, etc. I really need to get into doing some quilts JUST for me, a little more challenging. Although, I did do that Quilt 24 Challenge. Unfortunately, my UFO list grew a little bit longer than I wanted-LOL.

Here are a few samples I got done for my Open House. This one is called Ripple Effect and it uses 2 1/2" strips--it's a commercial pattern, but I can't remember the name of the company right off the top of my head. This is just partially done--I was getting down to the wire with my samples! LOL

This one is a Tulip Purse --the pattern can be found here. I just love the shape! And was so easy to make.This one is Allegro by Terry Atkinson of Atkinson Designs. One of the best stash busters! This one used 28 FQ's! And yes, all from my stash!

This one I called Grandma's Irish Chain, since I used Grandmother Flower Garden blocks in the open blocks. I intend to add a 8" border with more GFG pieces on a vine. The quilt is just really to teach the Irish Chain and my other one is a Triple Irish chain with 1" blocks and seemed a bit much for beginning students. :) Well, this one uses 1" blocks also, but just one row of them. I plan to design each student's pattern for them, according to how big they want the blocks and how big they want the quilt. It's such a cinch in EQ6!

okay, enough of my rambling. I hope this finds everyone safe and healthy for a Happy New Year in 2008! And if anyone has any ideas on how to get more balanced...let me know! :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Missing in Action

Actually, I've been missing, but wasn't in action! LOL I've been a totally lazy bum, lounging on a beach chair in WARM SUN, something that we are totally lacking right now! I tried to post from our hotel, but the internet was sketchy at best. Totally frustrating for my hubby, but I was kind of glad. heehee I took NOT ONE bit of sewing to do and only read a few books in 11 days. Unusual for me, but just enjoyed some down time. I'm paying for it now, but that's okay.

This picture was taken from our back door the day before we left--we ended up getting about 5-6" of snow and was 1 degree!!! Glad to be headed out of town!

We took a catamaran ride over to a little island to have freshly caught lobster cooked over a wood fire for us. He was trying to convince me to hold the lobster for a photo. The whole time the thing is flipping his tail and has little thorny things on his antenna....eewww! I'm a real wimp when it comes to that.

They split them open, cleaned them a bit, grilled over a wood fire and added butter with garlic and sauteed shallots. Yumm!

Yah was good to get away....walking the beach, eating awesome food, meeting new friends....watching an amazing sunset while watching cliff divers....sailing on azul waters....swinging in a hammock.....totally kickin' back. Ah..but the fantasy life had to come to an end. So, now I'm home, rushing around again but looking back with fond memories! (pssst..and a few quilt ideas!)