Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I was going through my photos and found these pictures of a quilt top that I finished last year and I had REALLY good intentions of getting it quilted and done for this Valentine's Day.  Oops!  As much as I love to travel, it really does cut into the quilting time!  Oh well, now I have a full year to get it done.  

This is one of those great patterns from the Buggy Barn, Heart Crazies. I taught this class and it's one of those patterns that you either love to do or hate.  I love it! :)

I can't remember the fabric line, yes...the mind is definitely on the way out.  

it's funny how the color looks different up close and farther away. The close up ones are closer to the true colors, btw.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day with your honey. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

taking a break....

Winter is driving us stir crazy and what are a couple of crazy girls gonna do to get warm?  They go cruisin', that's what they do! 

Yep, and act silly, laugh a lot, get tan (and warm!), get a little educated, meet new friends and eat a LOT!  BUT mostly have fun.  

yep, that's what crazy girls do.

Ted and I on the EQ7/Photography Cruise
Southern Carribean
enough said.