Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Standing up to the Challenge!

AAARRRGGGHH! I just spent 45 minutes typing my blog, loading pictures then when I went to post--it lost it all. So I have to start over! This might have to be in two parts as the first time, it wouldn't let me load all my pictures. I think I need to find a way to shrink my pictures before loading.

Anyway, remember when I did all my Kaffe Fasset quilts in January? I was given 24 FQ's by a friend and I came up with a plan to use every last bit of fabric. Well, when showing another quilter friend, she wanted to play the game too. So we came up with a challenge:
1. Use 24 FQ's--use them all, minimal waste
2. Make at least 1 twin size quilt
3. May add only 2 additional fabrics to each quilt (okay, so we both cheated, on our largest quilt, we each decided to add a third fabric for our border. )
I couldn't wait--heck, this was easy the first time around, why won't it be the same this time? I planned my quilts, making sure to use every available inch of my FQ's. and away I cut.
Here's what I came up with so far (quilts #6 and #7 are still being worked on)

#1-"Crazy Friendships" This used 9" squares. I paired them up and layered them, 2 x 2. The first pair I cut into 9 patches with curves. BEEP! NOT again! So the next ones I just cut wonky into 9 pathes, re-arranged them and sewed them back together. I originally planned to then sew them into 4-patches, sub-divide them again with 1" strips of brown. Nope, didn't like it. Didn't decide that until AFTER I already cut 24 1 1/2" strips!

#2. "Hopscotchin' with Friends". Used 3" squares. Change of plans on this one too! The sashing that I planned on using and made about half, made my blocks disappear. So on to Plan B, or is it Plan D by now? changed the sashing and the setting and now I like it. It's 51" square.

#3. "Stars of Friendship". Used 5" squares. This one didn't get even made into the first block I had planned for these squares. After looking at what I planned, I didn't like it. So, now we are on like, Plan J??. Found this pattern in the "Nickel Squares" book by (? hmm, forgot the name right off the top of my head). I'll add one last border (and will use that 3rd fabric) but it will make it a hefty twin size quilt then.

#4. Friendship Daisy Chain" I wanted to make a larger version of this, but since it was a last minute decision, I was stuck with what fabric I had left. This is 39" square. It's very retro looking and very springy. I really like this one. I planned on using a brown to blanket stitch the flowers, but decided it would overpower the petals. So, I'll just accentuate the petals with my quilting to nail them down. (they were fused)

Close up of Daisy Chain


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Ooohhh, I want to play too!!! I will add 24 fat quarters to my shopping list - great reason to get some NEW yummy fabrics - and I have been soooo good at busting my Joanne's calicos stash...

Your quilts are great! I loved what you did with your last fat quarter collection too. It is amazing to see how the same fabric can work up so differently in different settings/patterns. Fun, fun. Thanks for sharing.



The Calico Cat said...

VERY COOL! What a great idea! & some impressive quilts.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty eye-candy - great idea too!! My favorite has to be Daisy Chain though!

Patti said...

Wow! I'm really impressed! You got SO much accomplished! I bet this gives you such a great feeling.

I have a book called "The Ultimate Quilt Challenge" or something like that. Two sisters bought sets of 100 fabric squares - one of those where the fabrics represent all colors and shades like Ginny Beyer's basic collection. They had to use a piece of every square in each quilt they made. The challenge was to make as many as possible. The quilt they made were marvelous, and they each used every scrap. They even took little trimmings and made something new from them using Solvy or something like that. Your challenge made me think of that book immediately.

Shelina said...

I'd be afraid to use the same fabric in so many different quilts, but all of yours look different from each other, and they all look great! I recently purchased a fabric kit to make daisies. I just got the book from the library, and wasn't at all impressed with the pattern. Your friendship daisy chain looks like a prettier way for me to use the fabric. Did you have a pattern for it, or did you design it yourself?

Anonymous said...

Where did you find it? Interesting read »