Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Missing in Action

Actually, I've been missing, but wasn't in action! LOL I've been a totally lazy bum, lounging on a beach chair in WARM SUN, something that we are totally lacking right now! I tried to post from our hotel, but the internet was sketchy at best. Totally frustrating for my hubby, but I was kind of glad. heehee I took NOT ONE bit of sewing to do and only read a few books in 11 days. Unusual for me, but just enjoyed some down time. I'm paying for it now, but that's okay.

This picture was taken from our back door the day before we left--we ended up getting about 5-6" of snow and was 1 degree!!! Glad to be headed out of town!

We took a catamaran ride over to a little island to have freshly caught lobster cooked over a wood fire for us. He was trying to convince me to hold the lobster for a photo. The whole time the thing is flipping his tail and has little thorny things on his antenna....eewww! I'm a real wimp when it comes to that.

They split them open, cleaned them a bit, grilled over a wood fire and added butter with garlic and sauteed shallots. Yumm!

Yah mon...it was good to get away....walking the beach, eating awesome food, meeting new friends....watching an amazing sunset while watching cliff divers....sailing on azul waters....swinging in a hammock.....totally kickin' back. Ah..but the fantasy life had to come to an end. So, now I'm home, rushing around again but looking back with fond memories! (pssst..and a few quilt ideas!)


Nana's Quilts said...

FABULOUS! You deserve it and anyway, things will either get done or they won't and there you are! So just go along with this lovely time of the year and try not to fret. Glad to have you back here in cyberspace.

aka the other Nana

Sharon said...

Looks wonderful, for sure! Just where is this little bit of paradise?

Juliann in WA said...

Hope you had a wonderful holiday and are finding some time to sew.