Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy 27th Birthday She-She

I cannot believe She-She (as she is affectionally known by her nieces/nephews) is 27 years old! She corrects us and reminds us that she is YOUNG--that her older sister, T, is OLD! "I'm 27 years YOUNG" she keeps telling us. Okay, whatever you say. And just for your information, she NO longer has Down's Syndrome... here's our recent conversation after I said something about Down's:
S: I'm over it Mom. I don't have it anymore.
me: you don't? well, then what are you now?
S: Mom, I'm French now
me: oh.. what makes you think that?

S: because....bon jour, sil vous plais (okay, my French spelling isn't so good...but she pronounces it pretty well), bon nuit (good night), see I speak French
me: so, no more Down's Syndrome
S: Mom, don't say that anymore..I'm French OR I'm Indian (and does the woowoo sound with her hand/mouth)
me: I give up
She-She with K and K at her party
Onery Mr. L
Divine Miss M
and the most precious of all......Awesome A with her GG --I didn't take the picture and feel bad that GG's face is partly chopped off, but you sure get the essence of it.
And speaking of taking photos, I sure love the fact you can correct the red eye, but how do you clean the kids faces (including the 27 year young French girl?) LOL I'm terrible about that when taking photos, including not thinking about what's in the background--like dirty counters, open cupboards, etc. Do you think of those things when you are taking pictures? Sure glad we can crop most of it out of there.
PS..did you check out my new recipe blog? I posted another new one today...


Ruth's Place said...

Happy Birthday to S. May there be many more to come!

I usually take the picture, notice the stuff in the background, do a quick tidy-up and then retake the photo...

Gail said...

I am forever cropping pictures before I post because of whatever mess is in the background! Glad that I'm not the only one.

Nana's Quilts said...

A little bit late, but a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to she-she -sometimes French, sometimes Indian - always just herself.

Nana Marne

Mary said...

It looks like the YOUNG ones had a good time. I think we're spoiled with Digital photography....remember when you took a roll of film and most the shots had flaws? Between being able to re-take a bad shot right on the scene and do more *fixing* on the computer - I know I'm spoiled!