Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fun in the Sun with grandkids

We just spent a fun week in SC with the 3 oldest grandkids (8,6,6) and Sheleah. And man, are they busy! Almost every waking moment was spent in the water or me cooking for 6 and then cleaning up! But we had a fun time with a movie thrown in, some card playing, puzzle making and teaching one of the 6 year olds to ride a bike. I thought I would get to sew in the evenings after they went to bed...HAHAHA! I was pooped and just vegged on the couch and ended up going to bed early myself.
The kids got some silly little wiggle worm thing and then decided it needed a quilt to cover up at night. So Kajsa and I ended up making 3 little quiltlets for these silly little toys that they will never play with again Here's looking through my one basket of scraps down here. I don't keep fabric here, I just have kits (that I've made up) to sew, but I do keep my leftover scraps. But it was fun teaching her some more sewing skills. She is SO good at a 1/4" seam. She sews slowly, but so accurate. And then was teaching her how to properly put on borders. She's learning to pin her own pieces now.

Here's little brother with his quiltlet. The 2 six year olds thought they wanted to make one, but their attention span was about a minute! So Kajsa ended up making theirs as well (well, with a little help from Nana!)

Okay, I can't get the last two pictures where I need them, but you get the picture! :) I have a new little 10" Dell computer, which I love but the screen size sometimes is a hindrance. But I love how lightweight it is!

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Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

They are so cute! What a fun little project - my 6 year old son likes his various "buddies" to have quilts too.