Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Switching over to the other side

Got your attention, didn't I? LOL I'm switching to the iMac. There, I said it, so therefore I'm committed.

It was a Christmas present. Yep, I said Christmas and I am just getting it out of the box. Let's just say I've been a bit reluctant to do the big switch! Don't get me wrong, I've heard wonderful things about them, but when you've been a PC user since the Commodore 64 (egads--did I just date myself or what??), I was just hesitant. But, but, but...what about my website? Still in a quandry about that. iWeb (Mac's built in website builder) seems a bit weak, but I'm not ready for the big guns, like DreamWeaver either. So...I wander around the web, hoping an answer will pop up. and what about.......

EQ7--so not compatible with Mac. :( I was bummed about that, but am NOT about to give it up, so it goes on my notebook.

3D Embroidery--not compatible either. And I need it for my embroidery machine. Load it on an older lap top to use exclusively for the sewing machine. And now they just came out with 5D--amazing how quick our programs become!

Cook'N- a recipe/cookbook software program where I get a free cookbook download each month. Where to put it? Notebook? Old laptop?

Quicken--got the Mac version, but in order for it to port over, I need to change the file name size to a certain size.....geez, it's easier to start new.
Microsoft Office Suite--I got the Mac version, but since it's a newer version than I had before, it's all new to me anyway. Do I just switch to a Mac version?

It's all so much to learn and not just one thing, but A LOT!! I feel like I'm drowning a bit and no one to throw me a life jacket!! LOL I did get the One to One membership where I get free training for a year, but they were really frowning when I brought my sleeping bag.

So--anyone out there been through this? Any helpful hints? tips?


Sarah Craig said...

My hubby made me buy a mac, too - which I love but I've gotten so used to a PC that it's hard transitioning. So I tell him it's his fault, and please fix it!!

Susan said...

Sorry, I have no clues about Macs - apart from putting it back in the box and sticking with PCs tht you know and love! and is compatible with all your ohter software it seems.
Good Luck!

Nana's Quilts said...

If you are like me, you will come to be very much on a first name basis with your One-on-One folks (guys and girls). It is great to play with it between appointments and then I would wander in with pages of questions, notes, etc. Now I get cross with platforms that don't work on my Mac (having been a PC girl for years). You will come to like it, tho.

Rudee said...

Go for the one on one mac lessons. You can buy the windows for mac and partition it in order to use the windows software.

If you are on ravelry (I just presume everyone knits or crochets), you can check out the mac forum which is loaded with general mac tips:

Once you get to know your mac, you'll love it and wonder why it took you so long to get around to opening that box.

Have fun!

BetsyE said...

I know that it feels like switching to the Dark Side, but I'm very happy with the switch. It seems that some things are so much easier, I couldn't figure them out. Our Apple Store offered a "switching from a PC" class that really helped me out!

Microsoft Office products aren't that different on Mac or PC (I was using Office 2007).

I use MacGourmet for my cooking software (on my laptop) and it has a "Chef View" that is super large print. I can put my laptop on the counter out of harm's way, and still see the directions. :-)

I do use EQ on the "Windows side" of my Mac. I use Parallels to run Windows on my Mac, and EQ is the only reason I even have Windows.

It seems scary, but I'm totally happy I switched. If you have a Mac-type child/husband/nephew (etc.), it helps to have someone to ask the little questions of, although there are lots of helpful people on the internet too! BetsyE

Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

My granddaughter has an Apple laptop through her school and laughs at me when I try to use it. I do have Linux Mint running inside Windows so I can run either/or. Just experimenting for now since some programs I use don't have a counterpart compatible with Linux, but hey, Linux is free so it's worth looking into. Good luck with your switch-over.

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