Monday, July 11, 2011

working on samples

Summers used to be laying around the pool, drinking Sweet Tea, and catching up on all my reading.  Those days are long I worry about getting flimsies quilted in time for my quilt show (this August 27) and samples for my new fall classes.

I tried, I really tried to sew these while sitting in the sun.  After wiping sweat off my arms--ewww--I decided that sewing in the Air Conditioning is MUCH better!  I don't know, maybe I'm getting too old to sit for hours in the sun. Heck, I can't last a half hour anymore.  Safer for my skin anyway, at least that's what I tell myself.

And while I was on a roll making hexies, I decided to follow a simple little tutorial to make this needle case  found on My Three Sons blog (it's on her side bar).  

(Editor's note: is anyone else having problems with being able to copy and paste URL's in the link part?  I can't get it to paste and I just can't remember that much)

and the inside.... (I used Warm and Natural--that's all I had and I wanted to make it NOW! Do you ever do that? Get a little burr in your behind and make something with whatever you have? Just wondering..)


Elizabeth Curtis said...

I may be so excited about fall classes that I'm checking your website 2-4 times daily like a stalker. Either I need to find summer classes next year or I'll need a quilter-vention for sure!

Susan said...

Absolutely - once you make up your mind you just have to do IT!! And someitmes that means a quick trip to the local shop to buy what you know you have . .somewhere