Thursday, June 28, 2012

Shakespeare in the Park--DONE!

Shakespeare in the Park

And it's done!  I looked back and I started this back in 2009!  It means she is 3 years old already.  I admit, it's been hanging on my design wall for over a year.  It just took a little incentive to light a fire under my rear end to get it done.  I was asked to have a Quilt Exhibition in the University's Art Gallery this summer and I really wanted this one it the exhibit, so I busted a gut, developed tendonitis, starved my husband and a colony of dust bunnies moved in, but I got it done. About 12 hours before I had to hang it in the exhibit! LOL

This is from Judy Martin's The Creative Pattern Book, but I admit that I recreated it in EQ7, to color it like I wanted and I pieced it a little differently than in the book. But I fell in love with this pattern when it was all the rage, 3 years ago!   I used leftover fabrics from another quilt I made for my hubby. He loves these colors. A little bland for me, but I admit I do like this quilt. If you notice, I added little sparks of burgundy here and there. I just could not do a quilt without at least a little color!

I'll be posting my progress on this quilt soon.


Vicki W said...

It's lovely!

Amy said...

It's a beauty. I'm glad you were able to finish it.

floribunda said...

It's beautiful, Karen -- one of my favorite patterns!

Frederique said...

Beautiful quilt! I love this pattern.