Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A long overdue finish!

I hate to admit how old this project is!  I believe I started it around 2002.  It took a while to hand piece all the hexagons.  Then it took a while to do the Irish chain, it's 1" finished squares. And then it took a LONG time to figure out how to finish it.  I decided to add a border that had graduating sizes of the hexie flowers.
Grandma's Irish Chain

Since this is the year for my UFO finishes, it was time to get off the indecisive train and get going!
After it was done, I decided to make a HUMUNGOUS hexie flower for the back and threw in the last little bits of the chain. Plus it kind of makes it a bit modern on the back, you think?

Grandma's Irish Chain Back

Biggest decision? How to quilt it?  I really wanted it hand quilted and now was pushing the deadline for my Quilt Show.  I took a gamble and wrote my Amish friend who has hand quilted quilts for me for over 20 years now. I asked her if there were any barn raisings or anything going on that a group would need a quilt to work on. (she has done other quilts of mine at barn raisings). She said to bring it over and they would work it in. I did and they did. They took it to their 'hen party' (her's their version of an all day Sew In. She says they mostly eat and chat and sometimes sew!) and then worked on it at home and got it done in 3 weeks! And did a great job! Thanks Mary, Edna and friends.

Grandma's Irish Chain close up

See my little addition?  I so admire all those Japanese women that make those itty, bitty, tiny hexies for their WHOLE quilt!  I wanted to make one just to see if I could. Wow, I can't imagine doing a whole quilt out of them!  The side measures 1/4". And this is my one...stuck in the corner. Just to say I did it! 

And now back to do last minute things for my Quilt Show.  I have 115+ quilts so far, just waiting to hear from a few others.  It's this Saturday and it's supposed to be gorgeous. Thank you God!


ruthsplace said...

The quilt looks wonderful! I hope your show goes well.

Elizabeth Curtis said...

LOVE the giant hexi back!

Agnes said...

Happy show tomorrow!

Linschoten, the Netherlands.

Wendy B said...

Oh Karen, it's GORGEOUS!!! Well worth the wait, and the teeny hexi is just is the hand quilting by your friends....absolutely one to treasure!
xox sugary hugs
Wendy :O)