Sunday, May 28, 2006

Memory Quilt & T-shirt quilt done!

Look how the light shines right through the center section of that quilt-it's even quilted and has Warm and Natural batting. I did have to piece in a lighter piece of fabric through the center of the backing because when the man's wife added more to the quilt, it made me short of the backing I already bought (the last of the bolt). I finished the binding and the label and then called him to tell him it was done. They came over right away! And they loved it. It's always a concern when you put your own twist on things as to whether they'll like it or not. A big sigh of relief! I quilted in her mother's name along with all her children's and grandchildren's names. It will take them a while to find them all, as some are quite unnoticeable! I think that adds something to the quilt--putting something hidden in to make them keep looking.

This is the other quilt I finished this week for a customer. I use pictures for the center block and then cut out small portions of other T-shirts and applique them on after it's quilted. That way they can get a lot more in the quilt. I also printed out some quotes she wanted and appliqued them on as well. I deliver it tomorrow and I'm done!


Norma said...

Beautiful job of both these quilts! They are sure to be treasured for a long time to come.

I love the added bits on the t-shirt quilt--definitely adds more interest.

cher said...

way to go on getting these quilts done!

Mary said...

Nice job, I like the names quilted in the memory quilt. I did that for a quilt I made for my father-in-law.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

2 great quilts - you must be pleased to have them done. And happy day to have a customer love your job.



Marilyn said...

Oh Karen! Everything is so bright and pretty on your blog! How exciting to see Ted's award winning quilt too! I love your students pineapple block quilt. your challenge blocks are wonderful! the 2 pillows just darling and I love your postcards and tiny baskets! How did you do those? YOur blog is very interesting and so glad you share with us, all that you do. love, Marilyn