Saturday, May 27, 2006

Lots going on and LOTS done!

Whew! I'm back and with lots of pictures to share, but blogger gets a bit picky when you try to load too many, so I might not share all. First of all, made a flying trip (by car!) back to SC to finish my condo and it's all done but one bedspread. Well, it's done now and it took a UPS trip to SC to complete the condo. I'll only share a few photos, I might load the rest on my webshots site.

Here is the outside--there are 4 condos in the building, 2 up and 2 down. Mine is on the lower left. This is when you walk in the front

door and the picture below is the kitchen/dining area.


Hanne said...

What a lovely house - inside and outside :-)

Patti said...

What a pretty condo. Not modern and box-like, like so many of those built around here. That one will look good filled with quilts!

ForestJane said...

The condo association tells you what furniture you can put in it? Or it's just that it has to sleep a certain number of people?

Passionate Quilter said...

no, we can furnish however we like. But we have it in a rental program in a Beach and Golf Resort. So they suggest if we want a King bed, to do it like that. If you noticed, all the other rooms were all XL twins. We'll never stay there probably, darn it! :) It's really an investment.