Thursday, October 05, 2006

Done and Done!

This is one of the reunion quilts I made and this one was raffled off. Thanks to Nancy's blog a while back, I got the idea when I needed a quick quilt for the reunion. It's done, labeled and on it's way to the winner, one of my cousins.
This Tumbling Blocks wall hanging was a class sample I used to teach set in piecing. I took it to my Amish friend (long story--but needed an excuse to take some friends to see her) and her mother quilted it for me. Her mother is aging and unfortunately does not see very well anymore and is a bit shaky now. Mary informed me that after this quilt, her mother won't be quilting anymore as the quality wasn't very good. When she informed me of that in her note telling me it was finished, I just prayed it wasn't awful. As I headed to her house, I thought of the different scenarios of how I would react if it was really bad and should I or shouldn't I have Mary re-do it herself (she offered in her note). Well, when I got there and saw it, it wasn't the best I have seen, but certainly not awful. And is my motive to have a very valuable piece because an Amish woman quilted it? No. I figured it is just a little more piece of history in the quilt and I noted that this was her mother's last quilt due to failing health on my label. So, it's bound, labeled and hanging in my sewing room. It matches so well. :)

Thanks to all who encouraged me to buy more fabric! LOL I did think about it and I went through all my Kaffe fabric and decided that it was okay to splurge on some backing for some of the quilt tops I have made. I am NOT buying for stash sake, but for specific backings. I rarely allow myself the luxury of putting coordinating backings on my quilts. It's just so hard to justify that kind of $$ for a backing. But since it's half price, I thought it would okay to do at least a few backings! I appreciate all the comments and encouragements! There is not a financial need to hold back (after all--I WORK for fabric!), but just being more careful and responsible with my resources AND to relieve a little guilt...heehee. So, Hancocks--here I come!


Melzie said...

I am glad you decided on buying the half price fabric :) Like you said its not going straight to stash (which is my problem lol). The tumbling blocks are beautiful :) And doubley special as her last quilting. xoxo melzie

Tazzie said...

Two lovely quilts, and such a sweet story about the quilting on the tumbling blocks quilt. It'll have a special place in your sewing room for sure.

Sheila said...

The reunion quilt looks like a great Buckeye pattern! I love the story about the tumbling blocks quilt, too. A sweet remembrance for you.

Bonnie said...

Someone will be happy to get that Reunion quilt!
Enjoy your buying spree and the Kaffee Fasset fabric. (I'm green with envy.)

Anonymous said...

Love the tumbling blocks quilt - great value & wonder ful color choice... (Makes me want to work on my pink & black and a touch of lime quilt!)

Shelina said...

All sorts of goodies on your post. A beautiful quilt - especially when coupled with the idea of using it as a raffle quilt. It has the scarlet and gray Buckeyes colors, which would be good. Or I could use high school colors to donate to the high school. Hmmm. did it auction off for what it was worth?
The tumbling blocks are adorable. I was looking at the many fabrics you used to see which ones I had. Nice story about the quilting too.
And a question. What do you use as backings? I always coordinate backings to the front - trying to use leftovers from the front as much as possible, but then I shop at less expensive stores.

Pam said...

Hi Karen
Isn't that funny - that's why I work too! So it makes me feel better when my hard earned dollar can go farther - gotta take advantage of that.
Happy shopping

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

It is a bit sad to think of someone stopping quilting... my Mother-in-Law was a great knitter. She made her LAST sweater for my son - when he was 1 - knitting hurts her shoulder too much now. The sweater, even though long outgrown now, is special. What a fun, bright and cheerful quilt to be the last though.



Linda_J said...

I bet it was a sad day for the quilter if she knew she couldn't do what she once did.

Good job on the finishes! Lucky cousin.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Sounds like it's lucky I got to Hancocks first. Like you I work, and fabric is my only real hobby, so I figure I'm allowed to buy some if I want it LOL!

Mary said...

I gave my Mom a couple quilts about 5 years ago to raffle off at one of her family reunions - they were such a huge hit I couldn't believe it. I bet your cousin will love it.