Monday, October 02, 2006

Sept. & Oct. goals

Picture on left: "Scrappy Oaks", done in 2002 or 2003. Just thought I'd share a quilt. :)

I never posted my goals for Sept., but here is what I worked on:
1. Ostrich Challenge--finished Round One
2. Frosty Flakes-finished piecing, quilted, bound and is now waiting on buttons. I haven't shown a picture of it yet, because w/o buttons, it doesn't look like much. And it's the last thing to do!
3. One Hour Challenge-Sept.-blocks are done and rows partially assembled.
4. Quilt Pink-designed, cut out and some blocks sewn (with help).
5. Reversible Quilt--I thought I was done with this quilt until I got it home and on the bed. I needed to add 12" width wise to make it work on my bed. DONE!!!
6. Reunion Hatchet Quilt-quilted and the binding on top. Needs it hand sewn on back and labeled.
7. Pincushion/Threadcatchers-finished 4 more and have 1 more to go. I'm putting them in my classroom by each machine.
8. Faithful Friends-quilted, bound, labeled and given to my friend. Oops--forgot to take a picture of the finished product.

And now, sharing my Oct. goals, I'm going to try Starfishy's method of only working on 10 at a time, rotating them when I get bored working on them. Sounds like a plan to me!
1. Sept One Hour Challenge-finish top, quilt it
2. Oct. One Hour challenge-piece blocks and make top to flimsy stage
3. Reunion Hatchet-finish binding and label it--ship it off to raffle winner
4. Quilt Pink- finish blocks, make top to flimsy stage
5. Frosty Flakes-add buttons and label
6. BB (Bias Buddies--my Friday night quilt group) Christmas ornaments--make 16 ornament blocks for Christmas exchange
7. BB Flowers--assemble blocks into top, quilt
8. Bright Coneflower-quilt, bind, label
9. G'ma's Wedding Ring--get binding on--I won't EVEN tell you how old this UFO is! I stopped at the binding because of all the curved edges. NOW is the time to finish it!
10. Baby Tumbling blocks-binding on and labeled

There, I said it in public--maybe that will be my push to buckle down and quit flitting from one thing to another!


Hedgehog said...

Good luck with your October goals! I think Starfishy's plan is a great one.

Carol said...

We're all in this together...what a great support group we have!

Shelina said...

Looks like you've got a lot accomplished in September. Good luck with your October goals! Nice quilt! Thanks for sharing.

Bonnie said...

Your Scrappy Oaks quilt is gorgeous.

Good luck on your goals for October. Isn't it amazing how much we all want to get done? Quilters are ambitious and very optimistic!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Scrappy Oaks is beautiful - I love it!

And - I like to "flit" around, that is why I finally came up with the 10 rotating projects idea! I must say - it does make my pile of UFO's seem much more manageable, and I am finishing things too! But - I still have variety!

Good luck sticking to your 10 - it is always fun to cross 1 off and then add a new item!

And, even with all your "flitting" it looks like you got tons done in September!!!



Angie said...

I LOVE your scrappy oak leaves....that quilt has been on my list of to-do forever!! Makes me want to go start it right now.

Screen Door said...

From your list looks like you've got your work cut out for you. I love the scrappy oak quilt...definitely my kind of quilt.


Ruth said...

I like your oak quilt. Great colours. Ten projects at once! Hope you get them all finished, I'm strictly a one or two at a time girl, I get overwhelmed and inert otherwise :)

Suze said...

That select 10 method really works for me...

Welcome to the Quilting 4 Pleasure Ring..........

Linda_J said...

Good luck to you, Karen!

Susan said...

Love that quilt!