Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Girlfriend Getaway

I just returned from a week at a friend's daughter's house on Lake Anna in Virginia. What a gorgeous lake! Our view while sewing...eating...lounging....it was in a little cove off the main Lake, so it was nice and quiet. It was quite warm when we arrived..100+ and therefore the water was quite warm and it made the fish mad! I had several bump up against me and then when I got nipped by the 3rd one..that was it! I was out of there. The next day a storm came through in the evening, cooling the air and water temps and after that, we didn't have one fish even come close.

These friends are mostly non quilters

or sewers but I took my sewing machine anyway. I figured while they were lounging around reading, I could sew. I offered to help them make purses for anyone that wanted and they all wanted to except one. There were purse parts everywhere! And several made more than one. I'm going to convert people to sewing one way or another! LOL And I got a chance to make a quilt top, one scrappy strippy rag quilt and another partial top. And we managed to have some fun swimming and lounging in the lake as well. We took a day trip to Richmond and my hubby looked online for a quilt shop for us. We found it, thanks to TomTom :) but it was a sticker shock for most of the group, who are non quilters! They were anxious to find a JoAnn's with some cheaper prices. :) I thought the store was quite nice with lots of brights and contemporary fabrics, but another day, by myself. heehee

By the way--I had NO access to any computer and for those of use without "people" (aka Verizon), we had no phone service. I used the new feature in Blogger to schedule a post for while I was gone! Clever, huh? :)


Vicki W said...

You were only a few miles from me! Next time call me and I'll take you fabric shopping. :)

Pam said...

It certainly looks like a beautiful spot for a relaxing vacation. Good for you to try to recruit more quilters!!!! My husband always says that quilters are the nicest people he has ever met :)))

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all - and good that it did cool off! Me, well - my very simple rule is that if I have to pack a toothbrush - then I have to pack a sewing machine too (unless I'm flying)! LOL.



Annemart said...

Every woman is quilter, except the ones who aren't aware yet;-)

Love the area!