Monday, June 30, 2008

Stash report and NQA report

Sunday's just don't seem to be the day that I can post! And I missed a week..I went to the NQA show (it's their National show in Columbus, OH) and it was a nice show, although very small compared to the IQA show in Houston and the AQS show in Paducah. The big difference is that it's not a juried show, so the quality is not always tops. I'm hoping by NQA leaving their show in Columbus (it used to change cities each year), that more big vendors and manufacturer's will start showing up. But still a nice show to attend and easy to get to! I showed very good restraint, although I did buy 3 yards of a green gingham that I have been eyeing since Houston. I have an idea that I'm not ready to do. I'm afraid if I wait until I'm ready, the fabric will be long gone! You all know what I mean! Tammy Tadd had a wonderful booth and that's where I stumbled. I love her booth--lots of fun stuff, Lakehouse fabric, cute purses and of course, the pink and green thing was going on! I bought another purse kit for Mom--she always loves the exact one I made and wants hers JUST like mine. Okay were in luck! I also bought that fun JUMBO pink rick rack--don't have a clue where I'll us it yet, but I'll be ready! I could have spent a LOT of money there, but I was good. I took another peek at my stash before leaving for the quilt show--that will do it every time! LOL

I went with a group of quilter's to the show, including some newbies! One still doesn't own a machine, the other one bought a machine at the show. The first one did buy a yard of fabric that she just loved and was worried that she wasn't sure what to do with it. I told her that she just took her first step over the line into the quilting world! Buying fabric just cuz you loved it! :) I'm winning!!! I'm getting more quilter's in the fold! It's so fun to see things through a new person's eyes. I was more than happy to help them spend their money, hee hee. I told them I had already gone through that initiation and now am coasting.

Stash in Week: 3 yards
Stash out Week: 4
Stash in YTD: 12 yards
Stash out YTD: 273

Happy Quilting!

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