Sunday, March 01, 2009

Fun week with quilter friends

What another whirlwind week it has been! First of all, my friend Marilyn came to visit from SC. To sew! What a treat for me to sew on things, just for me. She brought the most darling kit for us to make. I changed mine to add just a touch of lime. It looks perfect in my entry hall.

We spent one afternoon trying to find the stickers we needed to put on top of the buttons. The bottom pot says "Sprout"..second one says "Grow" and the third one says "Bloom". What a nice quick project and I finally have something for my foyer.
I taught 3 classes last Saturday and she joined one of them to make a purse as well. Then on Sunday, we went to visit Vickie (Mid Ohio Knitter) and Carol. (check out her blog...she has a picture of the four of us.--I forgot my camera!) Vickie made us a yummy lunch and she had made Cake Balls for dessert. SO yummy! Marilyn and I loved them so much, we came home and made some more. heehee I'm posting the recipe over on my recipe blog. (well, as soon as my camera gets recharged..LOL)

Stay tuned for more adventures with Marilyn and my evil twin. They were BAD!!


Carol in E TN said...

So glad you and Marilyn had a good time sewing! Where did you find the stickers for your buttons?

loulee said...

Looks like you girls had a good time. Your wall hanging is adorable. I think I would have added just a hint of colour too.

2ne said...

Your wall hanging is just great - love it. Have a great day