Thursday, March 12, 2009

off again

here I sit in SC--basking in some warm sun, well, warm to me anyway. The people down here can tell we're from the north as we wear our short and sandals and they are all bundled up! But I'm loving the blue skies. We found ourselves with a very light week of commitments, so re-scheduled the few we had and buzzed down here. The sun does us a lot of good.
I brought some hand embroidery with me. I had started the Retro Dresses that was on The Bobby Socks Quilt Company a few years ago and thought I really should finish them. They are so darn cute. I've never been taught how to do embroidery, save for a few minute lesson from Ted. so, I'm learning. I went to Leanne's website, hoping to find a tutorial. Instead, I just enlarged her photos so I could see how she does her beautiful embroidery. I hope no one enlarges mine! LOL I'm halfway done with the 12 blocks and don't think I'll be able to finish them while I'm here, but I'll be close.


Goosey said...

I know you said that block was tedious but I love the colour, it was well worth the effort.

Jackie said...

Your embroidery blocks are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I started these same dress patterns and I also have not finished them. Looking at yours makes me want to get them back out. Thanks for the inspiration.