Tuesday, September 08, 2009

ball tournaments and grabbing some quilting time

My big quilt show was 2 weekends ago and then my husbands big SB tournaments were last weekend. There is just NO rest for the weary! hahaha I had to make 24 dozen brownies and load all the things needed to prepare food for coaches, etc. 400 miles away. A couple of things while I was gone....my car turned 50,000 miles. Is that exciting to anyone else? Having your car turn a milestone number? I don't know why it fascinates me--I remember growing up and our car was about to turn 100,000 miles, but it didn't go to 6 digits, so it was like starting over. And we kids watched for miles in anticipation for it turning over. Silly, silly things like that stick in my memory bank. Wonder why?

I also find time one morning to run to Mary Jo's in Gastonia, NC (we were at nearby Winthrop University). And all I came out with was enough pretty flannels to make a rag quilt for a wedding gift. I saw lots of pretty fabric, but knowing full well that I have a closet of pretties kept me from buying. Plus, you have to be prepared in a place like that..how much backing do I need for this quilt? Or how much would I need for this one..or that one. It's just as well, I didn't need to add to the guilt of having too much as it is!

After the weekend, we headed to our place in Pawley's Island for a little R&R, slept til 9 AM the first morning! We haven't done that in ages! Felt pretty good actually. Then I hand sewed the binding on a quilt that I was trying to get done for my quilt show and just didn't get done. I could have done it by machine, but I never like it as much as I do by hand. And it seems a shame sometimes to hurry that last step, just to get it done. Plus, I like how relaxing it is to do a little handwork at the end. It's just not as fun under a time crunch!

And I finished dress #11 of my 50's embroidered dress series and am working on #12, the last one. Then I'll finally be able to make a nice sized wallhanging. But I'll miss the pick up and go handwork. Guess I'll have to find something else to pick up and go project.


Becky said...

Hi. Could you give me the source for your embroidered dresses pattern? Thanks. Becky in KCMO

Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

My poor car has over 138,000 mi. and is 18 yrs. old. My big goal is to get it to 20 yrs. LOL Better yet, 21 and it can buy its own drinks!!!

Alycia said...

whoo hoo 50K! Love love love your quilt. Did you design it?