Monday, August 31, 2009

Figgy Tree

With all that's been going on these past months, I kind of fell off the wagon of reporting what I was using or busting from stash and what I was buying. Well, for a while I was doing neither. But, I have been hitting it hard, finishing up quilts for my show, getting samples made. So, I've been busting quite a bit of stash and have been keeping track of it. It kind of is like a habit, use fabric, write it down in my little black book. hahaha I don't know if it's too late to jump back into that Stash busting line up, but here's what I have done YTD:

Used YTD: 273.25 yards

Bought YTD: 153.25 yards

Net total: 120 yards busted!

Not bad, considering I fell off the wagon early on this year with Kaffe stuff! Here is the latest that just rocked my boat and begged me to buy it. I loved this pattern (edit. note: the pattern is a free download on the Hancocks of Paducah website and just a hint: if you like the fabric, it's about $30 cheaper to get the kit vs. buying the fabric individually--too bad I found out AFTER I did it!! LOL) the minute I saw it and thought about trying to use my Christmas fabric--and I have crappy Christmas fabric, ya know? So, I bought some and it has made me happy ever since. It didn't stay in the stash very 2 days? I cut it out right away and sewed it up, so in it went to the count and then right out again. I probably could have just omitted it totally but I like to see how much I really buy a year, keeps me honest!


loulee said...

Could you give more details of the Christmas pattern please, it's cute.

Vickie E said...

I love Figgy Pudding...I have a quilt waiting at my machine quilter using Figgy..I love Basic Grey. I soooo hoping I get to design a quilt for them for market. I have been playing with EQ5..I'm horrible..can't hardly get it to work. I so hope we can visit so you can help me! Anyhow, I saw the quilt show pictures..wished I could have dropped my quilts off. I feel a void that I missed it.

ROZ said...

I know what you mean, but I keep using up that old fabric on the backs of quilts. Made a string quilt that used up a bunch of scraps last week

Sarah N. said...

I have a question about your Figgy Pudding Christmas quilt. Did you make the trees according to the pattern? As I read through the pattern it seemed to me that the trees are sort of three dimensional. Are the diagonal sides of the trees sewn down? Plus it seemed like if you made them following the directions, it would waste a lot of fabric. I have got all the fabric sitting here just waiting to get started! Can't wait to cuddle under it next Christmas!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the pattern!