Tuesday, October 27, 2009

more SITP blocks and a litte side tracked!

First, I am working on my SITP blocks...slow but sure. I'm loving it. A little unusual for me since they aren't bright colors. But I am loving all the scrappy pieces coming together.
Last week someone was renting Khloe, andI like to stick close by in case they need me. I would rather have been sewing, but thought I should tackle cleaning my 'supply closet' since I could only open the door. I couldn't even step into it! Mona............where are you? LOL I should have taken a 'before' picture. I had a big box on the floor full of upholstery samples (mostly microfiber stuff and velour type stuff). There were all kinds of wonderful samples, but most not big enough to make anything. I pulled the box out to pitch it and then picked one up. Hey--I could get a 5 1/2" square out of them, if I didn't mind a little glued on paper on the back stating the type of upholstery fabric it was and color. (picture shown is AFTER I cut the samples off...I didn't think to take a picture before because I was really supposed to be CLEANING and not CREATING!)
So, I spent the next 3 hours cutting all the pieces off the header and cutting them into squares. I thought they would have made a beautiful jacket, although it would have been a bit heavy. Then I thought...what about a color block purse? So, leaving the piles of stuff sitting out.......I headed the sewing machine and sewed (2) 9 patch pieces. They will be the front and back of the purse. Gotta think about a lining and handles.......stay tuned!

Oh, guess what else I dug up? My Dear Jane project...so sadly neglected. I really need to get it out and finish it! Some poor soul finding it when I've passed away probably wouldn't want to finish it. It's my 'Lifetime Acheivement' quilt because if I finish it in MY lifetime, it will certainly be an achievement! So, I did another block to get me back in the mood.

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Janet said...

Now that's exactly what I do, get totally distracted. Creativity over cleaning. I do like the colours in your star blocks.