Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SITP progress and some charity finishes

I'm plugging away on my SITP blocks. I seem to be doing them out of order with the rest of the group. Oh well, as long as I'm working on them. I got all my light stars with my dark backgrounds cut out (for the 28 small stars--of which 8 of them will be inside a larger star) and only 3 done, 25 more to go in the variation. And then to repeat it all in dark stars/light backgrounds! I'm afraid I'm going to run out of fabric--and am thinking that maybe I better start introducing more fabrics now so they won't stand out later? I used 40 FQ's so far with just a tiny bit left.

I've been training more people how to use Khloe (my new--well used to be new) long arm machine. I put quilt tops on there they can practice on and then I bind them and send them off to charity.
It always inspires me to get another one of my tops done. I chose this one because it is for fall and we are right smack dab in the middle of it--although it feels a lot closer to winter! BRRRR! I've been freezing for 2 weeks now. What's going to happen in January? This quilt was made from leftovers from another quilt made with my friend Marilyn. I had to come up with a simple class for beginners and this was it. It's the size it is because that's what I had left of the strips. I've noticed that a lot of my design decisions are based on what I have left or what's sitting close by! LOL


Janet said...

I hope your winter isn't going to be too long. I love the colours in your blocks. It's always good to see the quilts.

paula, the quilter said...

That Shakespeare In The Park is going to be stunning.

Sølvi's blog said...

Love your black stars!