Friday, November 13, 2009


I had an alphabet swap about a year ago with some students and am finally getting around to getting my quilt done. Just in time for the next round of students! I had 4 corner blocks that looked so lonely and blank, I decided to embroider the blocks.
A close up of a few of the blocks...I found this cute fabric that had Shoo Fly blocks on it, perfect for the Q, N for nuts, and a cool ultrasuede zebra fabric.I got it quilted last night and now it just needs binding and a label!

Here is a little sneak peek of what other quilt top I started AND finished Monday. It's a quick and easy one. But it makes no sense right now. It needs to be quilted and embellished a little before you 'get it'. Hopefully,over the weekend I can get that done. My friend found the pattern and she and another friend were going to look for fabric and did I want any? Of course not, I have plenty of fabric! That is, until she showed up and let me what she got! I loved that black/red/plaid and the snowflake fabric in red and white! I had to have it, but alas, no time to get it before we all got together to make it. As luck would have it, they had enough between the 3 of them leftover that I got to make my own quilt and all I had to do was add a white on white! Yee haw! So, this quilt used 1/4 yard out of my stash! And then will use another 2 yards for backing and about 1/2 yard for binding. Not bad I say, not bad at all.


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Vicki W said...

The alphabet quilt is so cute!