Wednesday, November 11, 2009

more from Vegas

I'm back now and can post a few pictures since I forgot my patch cord while I was gone! Being born in Denver, I love mountains. And what a difference a mountain range can be. Here is the view from our room. Desert mountains look a lot different and a bit barren. Now that I live in the Mid west..the mountains here (through Penn., WV and VA) are way different. The one thing that confuses me in Vegas, is that you are surrounded by mountains, in all directions! I become navigationally challenged here.
They are building a bridge over Hoover Dam...quite a sight to see! When I was at the quilt shop in Boulder City, I overheard them telling somone that it was a must see! Unfortunately, I didn't listen to their advice. Who wants to go see a bunch of construction! My hubby sent this to me right after we got back. Now I wish I would have gone the 6 more miles!
Here is fabric that I bought for a friend (and since she only needed 3/4 yard, I bought 1 and kept 1/4!) I loved it!
Another FQ bundle of Blacks and Whites. I'm always on the hunt for a variety and these fit the bill.
Another few pieces that were calling my name. I didn't get very much of them, 1/2 yard, but thinking a handbag of some type would look good.
I love to read but rarely take the time anymore. I'll go in spurts where I'll read a lot and then spend many months not reading a thing other than my Bible Study book. But I just finished this book........gave some food for thought. :)

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Janet said...

Gosh, Las Vegas looks so barren and brown, I would have loved seeing the bridge, how amazing these structures are. I love all your fabric purchases and that book is definitely on my list.