Tuesday, October 27, 2009

more SITP blocks and a litte side tracked!

First, I am working on my SITP blocks...slow but sure. I'm loving it. A little unusual for me since they aren't bright colors. But I am loving all the scrappy pieces coming together.
Last week someone was renting Khloe, andI like to stick close by in case they need me. I would rather have been sewing, but thought I should tackle cleaning my 'supply closet' since I could only open the door. I couldn't even step into it! Mona............where are you? LOL I should have taken a 'before' picture. I had a big box on the floor full of upholstery samples (mostly microfiber stuff and velour type stuff). There were all kinds of wonderful samples, but most not big enough to make anything. I pulled the box out to pitch it and then picked one up. Hey--I could get a 5 1/2" square out of them, if I didn't mind a little glued on paper on the back stating the type of upholstery fabric it was and color. (picture shown is AFTER I cut the samples off...I didn't think to take a picture before because I was really supposed to be CLEANING and not CREATING!)
So, I spent the next 3 hours cutting all the pieces off the header and cutting them into squares. I thought they would have made a beautiful jacket, although it would have been a bit heavy. Then I thought...what about a color block purse? So, leaving the piles of stuff sitting out.......I headed the sewing machine and sewed (2) 9 patch pieces. They will be the front and back of the purse. Gotta think about a lining and handles.......stay tuned!

Oh, guess what else I dug up? My Dear Jane project...so sadly neglected. I really need to get it out and finish it! Some poor soul finding it when I've passed away probably wouldn't want to finish it. It's my 'Lifetime Acheivement' quilt because if I finish it in MY lifetime, it will certainly be an achievement! So, I did another block to get me back in the mood.

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook Oct. 26

Surfing the web over the weekend and stumbled over this blog. The Simple Woman's Daybook is done each Monday. Check it out......

FOR TODAY October 26, 2009 from Karen's Daybook...

Outside my window...God's beautiful fall colors at it's best! The trees are at it's peak in yellows, reds, greens

I am thinking...how nice it is to be a 'Nana' to 5 beautiful grandkids

I am thankful for...my hubby's safe return from his trip to China

From the learning rooms...I am thinking that this is for the homeschoolers..but hey, I'm STILL learning! Now am trying to learn how to make my own blog button.
From the kitchen...a new recipe for Peanut Butter Bran Choc. Chip muffins that do NOT make my sugar soar!!

I am wearing...my old pj's, a scraggly old sweater and big socks..I may look scruffy, but I'm warm!

I am creating...a new quilt for our bed in blacks and tans and am loving it (Shakespeare in the Park)

I am going...to Las Vegas at the end of the week with my hubby
I am reading..."Don't Waste Your Life" by John Piper (for my Bible Study)

I am hoping...for great weather on Friday for Sheleah's BD party

I am listening to.... "Glorius" by Chris Tomlin....a new song for us at church and I love it!

Around the house...White pumpkins and fall flowers. I don't do Halloween stuff, just pretty fall things and quilts!

One of my favorite things... bonfires on chilly fall nights
A few plans for the rest of the week: shopping for Sheleah's birthday, teaching 5 quilt classes, decide on what to make for my Christmas cards and get started!

Here is picture I am sharing...........a fall quilt..........

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I think I've been adopted!

I opened my door last Friday morning and ALMOST peed my pants! There was a big dog sitting inside my garage by the door! I thought I heard something Thurs. night, but didn't see anything outside. That's because he was INSIDE the garage. I felt bad because I was leaving, so gave him some turkey and milk. Well?? I haven't had a dog for 8 years and had nothing else. I left for the day and when I came home 12 hours later. He was still there! So I went and bought more food and then next morning before my classes, I went to the newest neighbors in our area and he didn't seem to belong to anyone. Which made me highly suspect he was a drop off. I live in the country and there are about a dozen homes close and then nothing but farms. Too far away to run away and then want to come into MY house. Oh yeah, he's definitely an indoor dog. He whines all day wanting in.
See his one blue eye and the other brown? Kind of creepy looking at first...

Of course the dog warden isn't in on the weekends, so I took him to get a bath (and where I discovered that he really is a he and not a 'she' like I first thought!). Then I could let him in the house. Well, he sticks to me like glue. The grandkids decided they like the name Maverick. So, that's what he'll be for the time being.

I called the dog warden on Monday morning, and no reports of a lost dog to that description! I suspected as much. No, I told her, don't come and get him yet. I want to see if I post a few signs, if I get a response. Nothing yet. IN the meantime, he's getting pretty used to being here. I allowed him to stay in the house last night and guess what? I woke up with a big black dog sleeping right next to me---in MY bed!! I started laughing because his head was almost on my pillow. I wish I would have had a camera. So, what's a girl to do? Friends think that God sent him to me to keep my company while hubby is away (he's in China for 10 days).
If only we didn't travel so much. I don't know what we'll do. But I hate to turn him in because I know what they do if no one claims them after a few days.

On another note.. took the kids to the park and talked them into taking a hike with me. Sneaky way to get my exercise in!

Alia had her 2nd birthday--what a big girl she is becoming.

Whew! It's been a busy few weeks...as usual. More later................

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SITP progress and some charity finishes

I'm plugging away on my SITP blocks. I seem to be doing them out of order with the rest of the group. Oh well, as long as I'm working on them. I got all my light stars with my dark backgrounds cut out (for the 28 small stars--of which 8 of them will be inside a larger star) and only 3 done, 25 more to go in the variation. And then to repeat it all in dark stars/light backgrounds! I'm afraid I'm going to run out of fabric--and am thinking that maybe I better start introducing more fabrics now so they won't stand out later? I used 40 FQ's so far with just a tiny bit left.

I've been training more people how to use Khloe (my new--well used to be new) long arm machine. I put quilt tops on there they can practice on and then I bind them and send them off to charity.
It always inspires me to get another one of my tops done. I chose this one because it is for fall and we are right smack dab in the middle of it--although it feels a lot closer to winter! BRRRR! I've been freezing for 2 weeks now. What's going to happen in January? This quilt was made from leftovers from another quilt made with my friend Marilyn. I had to come up with a simple class for beginners and this was it. It's the size it is because that's what I had left of the strips. I've noticed that a lot of my design decisions are based on what I have left or what's sitting close by! LOL

Sunday, October 04, 2009

5 year old trumpet player

This little guy is just amazing....gives me chills to see a young person with so much God given talent!


I thought I knew how to embed a You tube video, but I guess I don't! Oh well, click on the link and you'll go to it.