Sunday, February 07, 2010

Knocked the sense in or out?

Last week we took the grandkids tubing at the closest ski resort Tubing-Open-Today (and I use that term very loosely—hahaha—being from Colorado and all) and after we all got bundled up to be warm for the single degree temps and paid a pricey sum, we headed out to pick up our tubes. The kids grabbed theirs and as Kirt bent over to get his, he fell on all 4’s and then slipped and laid sprawled out over the icy incline.  I tried not to laugh as I headed over to help him. And on the second step, I felt my feet slipping and I thought “I’m going down” and that’s all I remember until minutes later I heard him keep asking me what I was doing?  What? I don’t know and I wasn’t sure why I was laying in a fetal position, but I knew I hurt!  He always told me I was hard headed and I guess now it’s a proven fact.  My head hit the ice so hard, it cracked the 3” of solid ice! After being checked out by the medic that I was going to live, but had a mild concussion and would more than likely have a 2 week headache!  I’m just wondering if I knocked the sense INTO me or OUT OF me?  LOL  The jury is out on that one!  So, no tubing that night. :(

Too much else going on and not enough blogging, but maybe now that we are home for a while, house is reorganized, spruced up and looking good, I can get back to my loves…quilting and blogging.

I did get another purse made from the Grids and Grommets pattern. grids purse snap purse I love the look, the pattern left a lot to be desired, IMHO. I simplified some of the directions to speed the process up a bit. And I made a few more Snap Purses—now THAT is a clever idea! I wonder how they thought of using a TAPE MEASURE to make it snap shut? Some people are so creative.

My quilt group is doing a round robin this year for our ‘block’ exchange, and we were all given a pizza box to put our first block in along with any other fabrics we’d like added to our quiltlet and special instructions, etc. I decided to decorate my box and I think I spent MORE time thinking about how to decorate it than the block itself!!  I went and got paint samples of the colors I would like in my quilt (I’m going to hang it in my office when it’s done) and went through magazines to find letters and any other inspirations.  Finally, all done. bb rr box top Assembled the box and OH MY GOSH!!!!!!  I glued and fused and drew—with a sharpie marker, no less--- on the BOTTOM of the BOX!!  That confirms it….the sense got knocked right out of me!  And of course, no other clean pizza box around and naturally the stuff won’t come off.  So, I scrounged around and found an Apple laptop box. I cut the decorated bottom off the pizza box and glued in onto the Apple box. P1010003 It’s smaller than the pizza box, so I cut it down and folded over the top edge to make it fit. P1010006 Whew—that took WAAAAY longer than it was supposed to and you know what?  I need to make the actual block!! LOL  That was the point—I guess I just saw a blank canvas and got all excited.  Oh well, tomorrow’s another day. 

I choose JOY—Joy is my word of the year. I’ve been hearing about people choosing a word to focus on during the year and thought that it would be a fun challenge for me. JOY is the word that kept coming to me over and over, so JOY it is. In fact, I’ve started a new blog, Inspired by Joy, to chronicle that new adventure.  But it’s a bit behind like this one was/is but hopefully I can start doing a bit of catching up on both.

Have a good day and stay warm!


Marydon Ford said...

Ouch! So glad you weren't seriously injured.

My word for the year is two-fold ~

Have a beautiful week.
Happy Valentine's
TTFN ~Marydon

Carol in E TN said...

Sorry to hear about your fall on the ice! Hope you will not have a lasting headache.
And where can I find a pattern for a snap purse?

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Grids and Gromments and Snap Bag - so cute!! Love the fabrics!

Vickie E said...

ack! I had no idea you fell on the ice. Glad you are okay. I love thosse purses too..I steer clear of I can never make them turn out how I like...

Kathy said...

So sorry to hear about the fall. That happened to me last February. I was walking the dog and slipped on black ice. I guess I was out for about 20 seconds and luckily another dog walker so me go down and came to help. I ended up going in the ambulance to the ER because I couldn't remember my address or what year it was or who was president. I ended up with a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain. It was not fun at all! I am glad that you are ok. If you are like me, you will probably be very wary of ice from now on!!! By the way, I love your work.

TracyP said...

these purses are adorable!! You have some amazing projects on your blog .. thanks for sharing :D