Friday, January 08, 2010

More 2009 finishes

Had to take more photos and I think I’m still missing some, but it’s the best I can do! 

February Wallhanging of Month           Feb button up

Large 5 & Dime  Lg 5&dimePosh


Flip Floppin’ in Pawley’s

flippin in PI

Jacki Frost

jacki frost

ABC quilt


String Star Reunion

Steenhoek Reunion

Sprout, Grow, Bloom


Super Sized 9 Patch (yellow and girl)

SS yellow and SS girl

Going to the Beach (sold)
(didn’t have a photo of it quilted)

beach scene

Fall into Rails


Spinning Stars Table Runner

Spinning Stars TR

Happy Hour (sorry—it’s shown sideways and not quilted)

and no photos of these quilts:
Afternoon Tea
Kaffe’s Floral Garden
Batik Cobblestone
Charmed, I’m Sure

and on to a new year!  And I think rather than piecing so many quilts, I better improve my photography skills! First, REMEMBER to take a picture, especially if giving it away!. And second, take better pictures. But that’s whole new subject.  I wish I had a good spot, number one, to take a good photo. And my lighting is not good. They say to not use your flash when taking them, but then they turn out a bit blurry.  What’s your ideal spot/way to take photos of finished quilts?