Sunday, January 09, 2011

Magically Easy Pillowcases Tutorial

Whoever thought of this is a genius! I wish I could claim it, but I can't. Sadly I have NO idea where the idea came from originally. I've been making pillowcases like this for years. But let me show you just how MAGICAL these pillows are to make.  

7/8 yard  Main Pillowcase Body (multi color)
 1/3 yard Pillowcase End (use coordinating fabric) (red)
1/8 yard Contrasting Flange Trim (yellow)
Matching Thread
Rotary Cutter, Mat and acrylic ruler

I like to use flannel for pillowcases just because it's nice and soft and warm. But cotton is okay too.  Pre-wash your fabric, especially the flannel as it shrinks, as in... a LOT.  

Straighten the cut ends of your fabric and cut each pillowcase part.
Main Pillowcase Body: 27" x 44"  ( or width of fabric)
Pillowcase End: 10" x 44" (or width of fabric)
Flange Trim: 2" x 44" (or width of fabric)

 On the 2" wide trim piece, fold it in half lengthwise, Wrong Sides together and press.  

Lay your Pillowcase End fabric (the 10" piece) Right Side UP on the table. 

Next lay your Main Pillowcase fabric down, Right Sides UP, matching the raw edges along the top. (you cannot see the Pillowcase end piece now).

Lay the folded flange trim piece along the top, matching the raw edges of all pieces. 

 Now gently fold the Main Pillowcase fabric up, but not in the way of the top of all the matched pieces. It needs to be away from the bottom edge though.  

 Carefully pick up the bottom of the Pillowcase End piece and fold it over the top of all the layers and match the raw ends along the top edge. Be careful to not let any folds of the Main pillowcase fabric get in those layers.

  Pin along the top, making sure to use enough pins so all the layers do not shift.  You will be sewing a tube, with all the fabric inside the tube.  Sew the long edge with 3/8" seam.  

Turn right side out 

and press the Pillowcase End piece so it is flat, pressing the flange trim towards the body of the pillowcase. 

 Trim side edges to make them straight, trying to not cut off more than necessary. 

Fold the pillowcase in half, WRONG SIDES TOGETHER (yes, I know this just seems wrong, but trust me on this!)

 with the folded Pillowcase End piece on top, matching the seams along the sides. Pin down the long side and across the bottom short side.  Stitch with 1/4" seam allowance, matching the flanged trim area.

 Clip the bottom corners at an angle (close to the stitching, but not through it) edge to eliminate the bulk.  

 Turn the pillowcase wrong sides out, so the RIGHT side are together now. 

Press the seams flat, so there are no folds, making sure the seam is on the edge. 

 Now stitch with a 3/8 to 1/2" seam, so your inside seam is fully encased inside the new seam allowance.

Make sure to backstitch at the start and finish of your stitching. Turn right side out and Voila! A beautiful pillowcase that has no raw edge seams anywhere!

and guess who's been waiting in the wings waiting for HIS pillowcase?  

Now, wasn't that just MAGICAL?  


Susan said...

Wow - that sure makes into the "Keep forever folder" Very clever indeed. thanks for sharing and all the great pics!

Carol said...

That is a fantastic tutorial...great pictures every step of the way. I've made a ton of pillowcases, but when I don't do them for a while I always have to think about it...I'm saving this one...thanks so much.

Sarah Craig said...

Thanks for the tutorial! John'a Lee of The Scrappy Appleyard just brought me one of these pillow kits and it's nice to have your directions to refer to!!

Vickie E said...

Great Tutorial Karen! I love that you had all of "Special K's" friends over for a pillow party. That was a fantastic idea. IF I only had 6 or 7 sewing machines LOL I could do that for Grace in a year or so.

Carol in E TN said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I was trying to explain this to my DD in Florida and your tute came at the right time! I sent her your link and now she has instructions and pics too! I'll bet the girls all enjoyed making and using their pillowcases! Great idea!