Saturday, March 03, 2012

A Hen Party should have been called a Rooster Party....but the hens were doing the we're calling it the Hen Party....lots of fun and cackling going on for sure!

And it took all of this......

a mess at the cutting table....that's what this is...

A mess at the sewing table as well...

to make these.....and are they not the cutest things EV-ER?  they were pretty funky, that's for sure, but the more funky we make them the better!

Work in progress on Henry..

Henry is done...and needed glasses. His eyes were a bit had to fix him up!

We howled all night making these and ended up on a Julia Child binge...wondering exactly what she would think of our chickens.  

Filling his innards...

We used crushed walnut shells

And you know what?  We were supposed to be making the pincushions and ended up making Door Stops!!  OR Large Pincushions!  Guess that's what happens when you work too late into the night and start a new project on a whim!  All UFO projects went on the floor as we jumped in with both feet to create this guys. 

side view of Henry

Julie's guy


The whole bunch getting ready to watch the movie...

They are just so darn cute!  The pattern was from Quilt Magazine April 2012 issue--so it's still out and get your copy today!  And then you can have your own hen party!

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Pokey said...

That looks like great fun, I've always thought the chicks were cute, but to make them together sure created a cackle fest in the group! I bet you smile at the memory every time you use Henry, lol!