Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dear Jane progress

On the quilty side...I did bring my Dear Jane, not sure if I'd be able to work on it, but when I was with Ted at her Open House, I finished one block and did another complete one. So...hey Pam--how are YOU doing? :)

I also have been doing some knitting--I'm NOT a knitter--so what I'm doing isn't hardly worth taking a picture of it! LOL I will show it when it's done--IF I get it done. Oh well, I can have high hopes!

This post was originally written about 4 days ago while I was still with Ted. I forgot my camera patch cord to the computer, so now I can no longer post pictures until I return home. Her husband happened to have one that worked for me while I was staying with her. I have since met up with my husband and family and 165 of our best friends! Just kidding-but he does bring 165 people with him to Holland (50 athletes and the rest of them are parents and friends) to play in the Softball Indoor World Cup. I helped on Thursday getting people checked in, etc. Friday we took them to Amsterdam for the day. The athletes played on Saturday, so then I took a group of people that didn't want to watch games all day to Antwerp. I'll write about that day when I can show some pictures--what an adventure! Today is the end of the tournament and then we load the whole group up to head to Paris for 4 days. Since I'll have no pictures to share the next days or so, I'll wait until I get back to share our adventures. And ONE did include a LONG trek to find a quilt shop!

tot ziens!


Nana's Quilts said...

OK - now I understand. It is an INDOOR tournament. I didn't get that when you talked about it before. It all is becoming clear. And so you found a quilt shop, where? I'm working on a day trip from Antwerp to Amsterdam, so I can go (again) to den Haan and Wagenmakers. Wonderful, wonderful!!!!!

I'm so excited to hear about your trip.

Knuffles (that means hugs, I'm told)
Nana Marne

Pam said...

OH gosh -- I took a Dear Jane block with me to Portland and didn't even open the bag!! Good for you to have two more blocks finished!!

Sounds like you are having a great time in Holland. Did you buy any of that fabulous Dutch Chintz while you were at the quilt shop? It is quite expensive isn't it? But so pretty!!