Sunday, January 13, 2008

Quilt Shop in Brielle

't Quiltgebeuren

Friday was an Open House for the Quilt Shop in Brielle for quilter's to sign up for new classes. Ted was offering classes and 3 day "Quilt Study" courses (an intense 3 day course normally done in 6 sessions. So I went with her to the Quilt Shop, 't Quiltgebeuren, since I was able to meet the owner, Willy, in Houston this past November. I was curious to see her shop of almost 3 years. She's a lot of fun and found her shop one of those that say, 'come in and stay awhile!'. She had a fancy coffee/cappacino machine in the corner with a table with goodies on it, encouraging quilter's to sit and chat. We first had to take the ferry across the river (or drive all the way around to a tunnel)--so that was a first for me!After spending the morning in the shop, I was so glad that I went. I looked up at one point and thought, 'I know that lady!" And sure enough--it was someone from Belgium (she was about 2 hours away from the quilt shop) that I had taken a week long class with in France! what a surprise! And then 3 other ladies that I have met through Ted also came in. So, I felt so at home! I later took a walk around the little village of Brielle and I just reconfirmed how much I LOVE Holland and all it's quaint villages. Here's what I came to on my first corner..

A flower vendor (so typical!) and a building from the mid 1600's across the street. I walked on the bridge over the canal and took a picture of 't Quiltgebeuren from a distance. She is right on the canal street. Her building is the one with the awning. Willy and her husband (our caterer for the day) own the building and they live in the loft upstairs. I loved it. She runs the shop with her daughter and daughter in law. And it is a VERY nice shop! If you get anywhere close to this area, it's definitely worth the visit. I've been to a few quilt shops in Europe and hers was the best by far!

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Nana's Quilts said...

Het is heel goed! Fabulous, of course. The shop is just charming and what a delightful town, too. Such fun. I can remember going to the town market in Veere (in Zeeland) and the ladies had on hats just like those you showed on the doll, including the gold spiral things. I thought they looked uncomfortable, but oh so traditional.

Don't use up all the decent weather - I want some too. It happens to be just pouring here, at the moment.

Tot ziens,