Tuesday, January 15, 2008

more hats from Zuid Beveland

This 'overhat' --or one worn on special holidays or Sundays is from Zuid Beveland (in Zeeland) and was worn by the Protestants. It has a large brim that is rounded. I was able to get one made in the late 1800's and is all hand made lace. The shop owner purchased 3 hats from a family that had elderly parents that passed away and they didn't want the hats! Ted claims that these hats are museum quality.
This hat is also from Zuid Beveland, but was worn by the Katholiks (Catholics). Instead of being a large round brim, it has a very large square brim. It, too, is handmade lace and very old. In fact, the hats made from the hand made lace taking almost one year to make one, were not made after WWII--about 1945. I debated on getting two hats from the same area--especially since they were a little on the pricey side. But then I figured this may be my only chance to even get a hat, let alone an old one, so I splurged. I took these 2 pictures in the museum--they showed better than the pictures I took.
This 'kindermuts' (child's hat with a tail) is from Arnemuiden and was worn on special occasions like weddings, etc. It was starched to death and I wondered why it wouldn't scratch a baby--but he said that it was worn over other clothing, but yes, they really wore them that stiff. In fact, he tried to sell me the special starch to make it that way. He is only one of the few that carried that starch. I told thanks, but no thanks as I didn't intend to ever wash it!

I have a few other hats, but I need better conditions to photograph them. Spending 20 minutes to get a picture to look like the real thing, and I gave up! :)

But now I've shown you 6 out of 10 that I got. Again--I was tickled to death! I read an article online in the "Windmill" about how the 'shelf life' of local Dutch costumes is only twenty years from expiry. They will only be able to be seen in museums within one generation. So..I better hurry!


Nancy said...

Thank you for this post. Absolutely fascinating!

n, np

Nana's Quilts said...

Now don't tell me you are actually reading that in Dutch? Or the English middle pages?

Love the hats. You will now have to figure out how to "present" them when you get home - because they shouldn't be shut away. Prima!

tot ziens,