Monday, March 10, 2008

What am I doing???

I am SO supposed to be working on my books/taxes and somehow I wandered off to just look at a 'few' blogs...and I happened to see yet another cool signature and I clicked on it and found a site where I could get one too!! Woo hoo! So, of course I had to go do that, play with my name, nicknames, my Passionate Quilter name and then of course, it's the 120 fonts, colors, sizes and slopes! Then trying to figure out how to get it into my post. My question? Do you have to copy and paste the code in EVERY time you post? I tried to find a place in the template where it could just 'be' and I can't seem to see it. I'm in Blogger and if someone knows how to get it to stay there so I don't have to copy/paste each post, I'd sure appreciate a heads up! Thanks!
Now what kind of post would it be without pictures? (and a chance to try my new code!). So I'll show you another quilt that I finished last week. "Crazy Friendships"Another 24 FQ challenge quilts--I used some pretty contemporary fabric with a 'modified' traditional design and thought I'd finish it off with a traditional quilting design, the Baptist Fan. So it has a little of everything in it. Here's the idea picked up from Mary--I love the way it looks instead of having a seam down the middle separating the two fabrics. This spices it up a bit.
and another snow picture....I love this pump--it's a real pump, but never used. I bought it just for decoration. :)

PS..woo worked!


T said...

To avoid having to paste the signature code in each time, log in to Blogger and click on the Settings tab, then Formatting. At the bottom of the Formatting page, there's a "Post Template" section, where you paste in your code.

Each time you compose a new post, it will show up in the the window (where you previously just saw a blank window).

I really love your Crazy Friendships quilt!!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Looks like you got the answer...but if not, here's a link to a great blog with lots of blogger advice.
the post on signatures is

Good looking quilt...I love baptist fans..a sure winner everytime.

Mary said...

Love the looks of that back! The signature is fun isn't it? It adds a personal touch.

loulee1 said...

Beautiful quilt.

Like the siggie too.

kjquilts said...

I love your latest quilt! Thanks for the visit and comment to my blog. I hope you will return! Now, I have to go check out this signature thing...

Linda C. said...

Just stumbled onto your blog while looking at some of the Stash web-ring. First of all, my sympathy for the hurtful comments of others, who, as you note, are not intentionally being cruel, but caught up in the colloquialisms and slang of our time. Secondly, my observation is that these special children are a gift to the most wonderful and loving parents in the world. They share pure love and affection. You must be a truly wonderful person, and I'm happy to have had the opportunity to "meet" you through your blog. I hope that others can learn from your family.

Treasa said...

I love the fabric in your quilt. Great job.

quiltqueen8362 said...

Hi Karen,

Stumbled across your bio info on You caught my attention with a remark about shortening the learning curve for beginners. Of course I thought I'd check out your website? What state are you in?

Then I thought I'd check out a blog whatever that is? HaHa
But I wasn't laughing when you mentioned your daughter with down sydrome. I figured out how to create an account just so I could post a comment. Thanks for being a brave mom and sharing. People need to be reminded about how their actions and words hurt others.
I grew up in Ohio in 1961 when families who had a differently gifted child usually institutionalized then. I was about 18 before I met anyone with a disability because I went to public school. I remember how often & tactful my mother was about peoples rude & offensive questions and comments. I did not inherit that gift easily, but a some point I realized weather I liked it or not God drafted me into being a pioneeer. As I've dared to politely confront such things in a kind way like my mother use to. I've discovered kids are just curious and I answer them direct, most adults are usually just not thinking but there are some that you just need to take to the woodshed.
Just in case your wondering I'm a 46 y/o Navy wife with Cerebral Palsy. I learned to quilt after I retired as A Respiratory Therapist and my husband was sent to serve in Iraq in 2003.