Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm back!

No, I did not fall off the face of the earth--I just got buried in kitchen remodeling stuff--it's ALL over the house! All the stuff from my kitchen is everywhere and then add a nice thick icing of dust and you can imagine what it's like here. I had lots of design decisions to make, paint color...handles (80 total!!)...lights, etc. And then I left for a week to SC with some friends to just get away from it all, the snow and mess here! They are not quilters...BUT I got them into a quilt store and they bought fabric! Heck, if I can't buy it (honoring my stash busting commitment), I can sure help those that can! LOL I'll write more in the next post about that. So, obviously there is no STASH BUSTING report--good or bad. But soon..soon I'll be back sewing. The kitchen is almost done now, so a few more finishing touches and then taxes and then I'm free!!
I just have to share this daughter just sent a bunch to me with Little L..who just turned 2. He loves to eat and found some cookies...but dang, can't quite get the package open but if I try hard enough, I might get something..

I got something!!
yeah, it's good!
uh-oh, I don't think Dad is too happy..
Dad--don't take them away!!
That kid is always looking for food-he loves apples well, the first 4 bites anyway!

and to give the others a chance to's the Divine Miss M on Easter..
and finally Miss A, who is now 5 months old! I wish time would slow down, this might be our last little one and I LOVE the little just doesn't last long enough!


loulee1 said...

What beautiful children. I love the little man and his cookies! LOL

Nana's Quilts said...

Fabulous Nana. They are mighty cute! On Thursday DD has a doctor's appointment so Nana Marne has to help - fill in with childcare. Yeah! Lucky me. Megan is 16 months and is at that "busy" stage - she just has so much to do, now that she can get around with some ease. Aren't they so precious? I got my tax forms in the mail to sign, but this year I have to pay? Can you imagine that? But it's only $57 so not too bad. :-)

Hope the kitchen is close to being done. Photos???
Tot ziens,

Teresa said...

Oh I can sympathize with you on the kitchen. We are doing a limited remodel on my kitchen and I too have stuff everywhere - mainly in my dining room. Last night, all the cabinet doors came off for painting this weekend and I have a 20 month old running loose in the house, lol. Wonder if anything will be left in those bottom cabinets when I get home today. Loved the pictures.
Hey - where in sC did you come? I hope you got by Mary Jo's and Long Creek Mills.

Beth said...

What adorable kids! They are beautiful...even the little man there.

Sandra ;) said...

Hi, Karen - adorable kids - the cookie pictures are a hoot!!

I popped over to your blog to thank you for your pincushion threadcatcher tutorial -- I made one today, and it turned out great. So ... THANKS!

Mary said...

What a bunch of cute kids!

We did a complete kitchen remodel about 3-4 years ago on our Marietta house - what a nightmare! Now we're doing a modified update at the MN townhouse - paint, countertops, new sink, and a new tile backsplash. Hopefully it will go well!

Anonymous said...


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