Sunday, March 02, 2008

Stashbusting Report and Finishes

Thanks for all the good wishes for my anniversary, sans hubby. :) We'll celebrate when I see him again--not until Mar. 20 though. :( And yes--I was a child bride! I was 17 and he was 19--I got engaged when I was 16 to him. Like WHAT were my parents thinking? LOL Although we were young, we vowed we'd make it no matter what. At first to show up all the naysayers! And then comes the kids and then grandkids and now it all just seems like a few years ago! Time flies when you are having fun!

Another good week--even with 2 grandkids here! I finished 3 more quilts and finished 3 UFO's to the flimsy stage--so that darn list is never going to go down! I'm going to try to keep up the pace, but taxes need to be done sometime! LOL
"Cross My Heart" --part of my Girlfriends 24 FQ challenge"KF Stepping Stones" one of my original 24 FQ challenge quilts. This is a free pattern from Bonnie's site. Picture below is a close up of my free motion quilting. I'm trying to continually push myself to do different things and not be in a hurry to just finish them up. This was on my design wall "Bright HST"(a quilt from about 5 years ago--I messed up the sewing--done at a friends house and we were talking WAAY too much. So came home and put it away) and my granddaughter decided that should be her new quilt! We had just discussed that the quilts they have here at Nana's house were getting just a bit too small for them and I would have to make them new ones. When she walked into my Studio--she immediately fell in love with it! How fortunate for me--that she liked an old UFO! Now the others want bigger ones too and thought I should have them done in a day like hers! I'm going through my UFO's now to see if any would fit the bill for them. Not looking good for the little boys--I just don't do that many 'boy' type quilts. But I guess I'm going to have to now that I have two grandsons!Backing for quilt above--she picked out the backing fabric and there wasn't quite enough--so she picked out two more to add to it. More stash busted! And that brings my 2008 finishes to 15! Pretty soon I'm going to run out of easy ones or ones that are ALMOST done! LOL And we'll see the rate drop.


Stash busted week of 2/25/08: 22.5 yards (includes 11 yards donated to church quilt group)

Stash bought week of 2/25/08: 0 yards

Stash busted YTD: 58 yards

Stash bought YTD: 0 yards

Net stash used: 58 YARDS!


Lynne in Hawaii said...

Wow! You have busted 58 yards! YOU GO GIRL! That is so impressive.

Vicki W said...

You are doing reat with your stashbusting! Congratulations!

Su Bee said...

Wow what a time you had! Great progress - I love the Cross my Heart ---

Laurie Ann said...

Great quilts! I particularly like the Bright HST. Your granddaughter has great taste! :)

loulee1 said...

Your grand daughter has good taste, that Bright HST is gorgeous.

Jeanne said...

Great quilts! Stepping Stones is one of my favorite patterns from Bonnie and the quilt for your DGD is very pretty, also. It looks perfect to me.
Great job using your fabric!