Friday, September 05, 2008

Humidity and quilt markings

yep, you guessed it...I hauled my hand quilting project (first one in over a year!) to SC last weekend to work on. I never got to I brought it with me to San Antonio. I pulled it out of the bag and guess what? Most of my markings are gone!! ACCKKK!! I knew it was hot and humid, in fact, the TV said it was 100% humidity. Doesn't that usually mean it's raining? I guess not--but it was wet enough to make my markings made with a WATER erasable pen disappear. Now I've had AIR erasable pen markings go away after less than 24 hours, but never the water ones. And of course I had marked all my cables at home (stencil not with me). I did have a small ruler with me, so I could mark the straight lines. And on a side note to self: don't take so long inbetween hand quilting sessions--the lack of quilting is showing up in my stitches! AND the callouses will come back.
I did get a chance to go visit a few quilt shops in San Antonio. All I can say is Thank Goodness for TomTom's! Set with addresses loaded in, I took off from the downtown area. First stop, Creative Sewing Center. Nice big store that sells Berninas, Brothers and HQ16's, they had a nice selection of fabric. I'm not an Oriental lover, but they had more than I have seen in one location. Of course, lots of variety everywhere. I limited myself to a yard and a half of fabric for an apron (I got the pattern free if I bought the fabric--good deal, huh?) and then started the argument with myself after drooling over some yummy black and whites. And a gorgeous white on white that would be awesome for backgrounds. I bet I spent 1/2 hour debating whether I should get some fabrics--just because. I've been so good all year...using up so much stash.... but I have a whole closet full of pretty fabrics..and on and on in my head. I finally ended up buying 1/2 yard pieces of 8 different blacks/whites and 3 yards of that yummy WOW (background, ya know?). So..I added 7 yards to my total. Do I feel bad? a little--but I'll get over it! :)
Second stop: Seventh Heaven..a little bit deceiving when you see it and walk in the store. It's a deep store that keeps on going. They did have the new line of Kaffe's fabric, but I demonstrated great will power and resisted. I did pick up a fall charm pack--not bad.
Third stop: Plain Jane's....I thought I blew it on this store--I was in an Industrial area with all kinds of warehouses, etc. Tom said I was there--and the address was correct, but all I saw out front was a wooden shutter. As I was turning around, thinking it must be out of business, I saw the sign sitting on the ground..Plain Jane's. What a quaint store! Lots of antiques, old suitcases, shutters, and the neatest old small wire carts (like little grocery carts), all chock full of FQ's, jelly rolls and Layer Cakes. Admittedly a "folk art" store with lots of homespuns, civil war reproductions, it was still a fun store to poke around. One of the owner's was there, cutting up FQ's--she said they have a booth at the Houston Festival and they have to get a good jump start. No wonder they look familiar, I'm sure I've seen them before. A bonus: they had a sale bin and she had a bundle of FQ's of bright's from a line of Citrus or something that was 1/2 price! I picked up a bundle to go with a charm pack that I've had for a while. Add 2 more yards to the total...oh well. :)
Fourth stop: Memories by the yard:(sorry--no link for them) another warehouse area and when I walked in, all I saw were home dec rolls. But quickly saw quilt fabrics in a nice bright area. There were quite a few samples and had great eye candy. They recently had a Shop Hop and they had a nice looking quilt featuring Texas style blocks. One of the few sampler type quilts that I actually liked. I was tired by then and was a little worried about getting back to the downtown area before rush hour began, so slipped out of there empty handed.
All in all, a good day and not too much damage to my stash busting efforts. And was able to enjoy another city's selections of quilt shops. I missed a few, but I figure that means I might have to return one day!


Joyce said...

You did amazingly well considering the number of stores you visited. Sounds like fun!

Suzanne said...

I had the same thing happen to me with a project I marked in deseret dry Utah and tried to work on in humid Ohio.

You did great with all the fabric temptations!

I enjoy your do very nice work!

Bizarre Quilter said...

I use a green Artline pen it is water based. Just from the newsagent and only A$2.50 over here in Oz.They are like a fineliner texta and come in different nib widths.

you have to use the green one.

It washes out in the machine even if you iron it. It has not failed me yet, and I have used it for stitcheries etc.

Loz in Oz

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, that's why I don't use those markers in humid areas. I had to laugh because when I visited Houston for the first time years ago, that is exactly what I said to my sister about 100% humidity!

I love the San Antonio stores - Seventh Heaven is my favorite one, unless you travel west to visit another in a small town on the way to Uvalde. =) The others may be bigger, but I just like that little one so much.

swooze said...

Ugh! I hate when my 24 hour marker is gone in 2! Makes me quilt faster though.

Helen in the UK said...

Really annoying about your quilt markings disappearing!!
Looks like you did some really great shopping WITHOUT blowing your stashbusting goals. Way to go :)