Monday, September 15, 2008

Stash bustin and a whole lot more!

First--the stash busting report. It's time to put it in writing..I wrote about it when I was in San Antonio, but didn't put it in my report. I did it--I bought some more fabric! 9 yards ...mostly in 1/2 yard increments and mostly black/whites. I did buy some to go with a charm pack to make a purse, small quilt or something. So what did I do this week? Tried to massage my guilt--and finished the quilting on one quilt top ( still needs binding) but I used fabric for the backing and binding from stash and then pulled some for another quilt. It's still on the frame though. So--here goes..

Stash in this past week (actually 2).. 9 yards (edit. note: it was really 11)

Stash USED the past week(s) ...........9 yards

LOL--I didn't plan to do tit for tat, it just worked out that no new figures to my YTD totals, and I don't feel quite so bad. And actually, my husband made me do it!! Okay--I really wasn't trying to lie--and who am I lying to anyway? Me? LOL But I went to take a picture of what I bought to show you what tempted me...and I forgot about a few pieces I bought as well. Oops! Oh well, it still wasn't too bad. But I did use 9 yards of fabric.

YTD totals:

Stash IN 37.25 yards

Stash OUT 283.25

NET total used/out 246 yards


Vicki W said...

You've got no reason to feel bad for your purchases - you are certainly winning the stash control wars this year!

The Calico Cat said...

I love B&W prints, but I barely use them... I just have a couple stacks that I think about using...

Sweet P said...

That's a great stack of fabrics! I think all of those fabrics together would make a fantastic quilt!

Helen in the UK said...

Your stash totals are impressive, so I'm sure you can allow yourself a little 'slip'!! Love the orange dotty :)