Tuesday, September 02, 2008


As you can tell, not a whole lot of quilting has been going on at my house. My husband runs a big FastPitch Softball Showcase 2 times a year for high school athletes in their quest to play in college, hopefully for a scholarship. This past weekend was another one--8 hours from here. So, that's what I've been doing for the past week. Made 24 doz. brownies (I get to feed the staff and coaches) before I left. It was in Rock Hill, SC and boy, was it hot! and humid! Whew! I felt sorry for the umpires in all their gear and the girls that had to play in the heat. I took some hand quilting with me, thinking there would be some free time to quilt--ROFLOL!!! Oh well, I can always hope. And I was SO close to Gastonia--where the famous Mary Jo's is located and couldn't even make it there. Good thing--it would be bad for my stash busting.
Since I have no quilting pictures to share, I thought I would share a few from my hubby, who was fortunate to be able to attend the Olympics in Bejing this summer. He didn't get to SEE Michael Phelps swim--but that certainly was the buzz! He mainly went for softball, since we know quite a few of the Dutch players/coaches and a few American players.

Here is the 'taxi' the hotel called for him! Kirt thought HE should be toting HIM around!

Entrance to get into the softball stadium: the security was tight EVERYWHERE!

A view of the "Bird's Nest Stadium"

A view of the softball field

For those who didn't have tickets, they could buy an ice cream cone and have front row seats to the TV inside the ice cream truck!

And I'm off on for a few days with hubby as he goes on a business trip to San Antonio. Good deal for me--he works, I play! Actually, I hope to do some hand quilting done and do some reading. Nothing like going out of town to get some things done!

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Lynne in Hawaii said...

Karen, thanks for the pics of Beijing! I am sure your DH had a great time. Glad your going to get some play time! Woo Hoo!